Thursday, July 25, 2024

Elago Launches AirPods Case Themed After Original Macintosh


After launching Macintosh-themed accessories for the Apple Watch and iPhone, Elago this week followed suit with the AW3 AirPods Case.

Similar to the W3 Charging Stand for ‌Apple Watch‌, the AW3 Case is themed after Apple’s original Macintosh computer, complete with “hello” on the monitor.

The AW3 Case is compatible with all models of the AirPods, has a small cutout to make the front LED visible on the second generation, and fully supports Qi wireless charging.

It’s made of an impact-resistant silicone that’s flexible, and includes a cutout on the bottom for wired Lightning charging.

Elago’s AW3 ‌AirPods‌ Case is available to purchase now on both the company’s website for $13.99, and on Amazon for slightly cheaper at $12.99.

Previous Elago accessories include the W3 Stand for Apple Watch (themed after the Mac), M4 Stand for iPhone (Macintosh), W5 Stand for Apple Watch (Gameboy), and W6 Stand for Apple Watch (iPod).

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