Saturday, July 13, 2024

Digital Trends Live: PlayStation 5 leak, Zuckerberg goes to Congress, and more


On this episode of Digital Trends Live, hosts Greg Nibler and Hanif Jackson dig into the biggest-trending tech topics of the day, including a leaked PlayStation 5 photo, Mark Zuckerberg’s plan to testify before Congress, Virginia’s snack-delivering drones, NASA’s inflatable habitats, an artificial skin phone case, and more.

Nibler then talks with Jordan Zietz of the All-Star eSports League, a gaming league that is built to serve as a feeder system for collegiate esports teams.

We’re then hands-on with a Google Pixel 4, where we take a look at the winning camera, and the not-so-winning battery life.

Gene Wang, co-founder and chief executive office of PowerPeople, joins the show to discuss Internet of Things smart home devices versus assisted living for the elderly.

Finally, Nibler sits down with Othniel Mbamalu, founder and CEO of Advanced Rockets Corporation, and talks about reusable rockets and the proliferation of space junk.

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