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Best Chromecast for Oculus Quest in 2019



The Oculus Quest is an excellent device to bring to parties. It doesn’t require any external sensors or wires so you can bring it anywhere and pass it around so everyone can play. However, if you want people to see what’s going on inside the headset rather than watch someone flail their arms around, you’ll need a Chromecast device. Even though there is a wide range of supported devices for casting the quest, the best three options are the first three devices that supported casting, and the best of the best is the Chromecast Ultra.

Best Overall: Google Chromecast Ultra


The Google Chromecast Ultra has a similar design to the Chromecast 3rd generation but has one key difference that effects Oculus Quest streaming, the ability to connect it using ethernet. By connecting the Chromecast Ultra to an Ethernet port, you’re removing one wireless component from the casting equation. Even if you use it over Wi-Fi, users have reported that the Chromecast Ultra works better when it comes to casting the Oculus Quest.

When it comes to streaming media content, the Chromecast Ultra pumps in a lot more power than the standard Chromecast. The Chromecast Ultra supports 4K and HDR. If you’re looking for a media device to stream 4K content and to cast your Oculus Quest, then the Chromecast Ultra is your best option.


  • Supports Ethernet connection
  • Supports 4K HDR video streaming
  • Still in a small form factor despite the increased power


  • Almost twice as expensive as the Chromecast 3rd Generation

Best Overall

Google Chromecast Ultra


  • $69 from Amazon

High quality casting

The Chromecast Ultra supports ethernet connectivity to improve the quality of casting the Oculus Quest. It also supports 4K HDR media.

Best Budget: Google Chromecast 3rd Generation


The third-generation Chromecast is the least expensive device that’s officially supported for streaming the Oculus Quest. The performance of streaming varies on a variety of factors including Wi-Fi strength and if you’re on a 2.4Ghz or 5Ghz band. 5Ghz is generally preferred for casting the Oculus Quest. While this budget-friendly Chromecast works with casting the Oculus Quest, many users have had stuttering or connectivity issues. We’ve used this ourselves, and it worked reasonably well in our testing, but if you have the budget it might be worth looking at more expensive options.

In addition to being able to stream the Oculus Quest, the Google Chromecast 3rd Generation delivers over 2,000 apps in 1080p. It’s a great budget-friendly option for people with 1080p TVs or users on a budget.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Easy to set up
  • Also an excellent device for streaming media content


  • Performance is worse than Chromecast Ultra
  • Lacks an ethernet support
  • Only supports up to 1080p video

Best Budget

Google Chromecast 3rd Generation


  • $35 from Amazon

Budget-friendly casting

The third-generation Chromecast supports 1080p streaming for media and is the cheapest device to support casting the Oculus Quest.

Best for Gamers: NVIDIA Shield


The NVIDIA Shield is a 4K HDR media streaming box that can also play games from the Google Play Store. It has a library of popular PC games that you can download and play and allows you to cast PC games to your living room TV. Now, with the addition of Oculus Quest casting, the NVIDIA Shield is an even better hub for gamers.

The NVIDIA Shield is the best Android TV available and one of the only devices that can stream so many different types of content. The only reason that it’s not the best overall device on this list is its price. At $189 for the gaming edition, the NVIDIA Shield is an expensive purchase if you’re just planning to use it for Oculus Quest streaming. If you already have the NVIDIA Shield or you’re looking for an Android TV device, this is your best option.


  • Supports casting the Oculus Quest and PC games
  • Is also an excellent Android TV device
  • Can play some games natively


  • Expensive if you’re only going to use it for Oculus Quest casting

Best for Gamers



  • $189 from Amazon

Game casting

The NVIDIA Shield can cast the Oculus Quest and PC games. It’s also a 4K HDR media streaming device that can play games from the Google Play Store.

Bottom line

There are more options than ever for casting your Oculus Quest. The Oculus Quest recently gained support for more casting devices, including the NVIDIA Shield TV, Google Home Hub, and some smart TVs. It also works with all generations of Chromecast. However, the first three devices supported are still the best options.

The Google Chromecast Ultra is the best option for Oculus Quest casting because it supports ethernet connectivity which will ensure a solid connection. It’s also a better streaming device with support for 4K HDR media.

To increase your chances of seamless casting you should attach your Chromecast through Ethernet if possible. If you are using Wi-Fi, you should use a 5Ghz band to reduce interference. When it works smoothly, casting the Oculus Quest to a Chromecast instantly livens up a party and lets you share your VR experience with everyone around you.

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