Saturday, July 13, 2024

Apply now for the news writer role of a lifetime 👇



The short version

I’ll cut to the chase: we are hiring a full-time news writer, ideally someone with experience in the field, and if that’s you, you should apply right now by submitting your resume and cover letter.

The full listing

Here’s the longer version: Android Central has always been about breaking news, and there is more of it to cover than ever. We’re looking for someone with experience in the field, ideally at another Android blog or online publication, with a passion for Android, Google, and the wider world of mobile technology.


The ideal candidate gets up every morning with a passion for writing — if you don’t have that, don’t even apply. You need to be able to dig deeper into the stories that others are writing, providing context and background on a topic so the reader is able to glean more faster about what they’re reading.

The ideal candidate should know Android phones, versions, and the wider ecosystem like the back of their hand. This means knowing more than just the names of various versions but what features each one introduced, and how it affected the wider market. You should use Google products so you can scrutinize the pros and cons; Google Photos may be great already, but what does it need to become perfect?

The ideal candidate should already have connections in the industry, with some PR contacts and familiarity about the brands that we work with every day.

The ideal candidate should be available to work a full day, but we’re flexible about when in the day that is — U.S. west coast, U.S. east coast, UK, Europe, India — we’re open to any and all applications, because this is a remote job, and that means we want to work around your schedule. All we want is someone who’s incredibly passionate about breaking news.

If you embody these qualities, and want to work with the best damn team on the internet, send apply now by sending your resume and cover letter. If you have any questions about the role, feel free to email me directly.

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