The best iPhone 11 Pro cases to protect the smallest new iPhone

Apple’s iPhone 11 range is the pinnacle of everything iPhone, and the iPhone 11 Pro represents the perfect balance point of size, power, and style. It’s just as powerful as the larger iPhone 11 Pro Max and uses the same triple-lens camera to take amazing pictures — but it’s also a lot smaller, with a footprint you can easily hold in a single hand. It is beautiful too, with a slim build, bezel-less display, and a sleek glass body.

But you can see where this is headed. After all, glass is glass, and a shattered iPhone is a depressingly common sight. Don’t let your iPhone 11 Pro become another statistic — slap on a protective case to keep it safe. We’ve gathered some of the best iPhone 11 Pro cases to keep your iPhone protected against the elements.

Skech Matrix

The iPhone 11 Pro is an astonishingly beautiful phone, and you shouldn’t hide it behind a big, bulky case. Skech’s Matrix is a case that’s completely clear, allowing you to show off your iPhone’s style to the world, complemented by the additional honeycomb pattern. It’s tough too, and Skech boasts the Matrix case has passed high-grade drop tests. It also comes with a raised bezel for additional protection, button covers, and uses a coating that resists yellowing. It’s simple protection, but it’s effective — though the $30 price may give you pause.

Incipio NGP Pure

Incipio has a strong pedigree for protection, and the NGP Pure line is one of its best translucent options for protection. It’s made from Incipio’s shock, tear, and stretch-resistant Flex20 material, so it’ll provide good protection against drops, bumps, and scratches. That’s impressive considering how thin it is, with Incipio claiming the NGP Pure offers up to 5 feet (1.5 meters) of drop protection. The material is soft and grippy, lending yet more drop protection, and it has an attractive, minimalist design. We’ve highlighted the bold red option, but if that color doesn’t excite you, there are also clear, sea blue, blue haven, and black colors to choose from.

Griffin Survivor Endurance

Want protection? Griffin’s got protection. The Survivor Endurance is just as hardy as its name suggests, providing excellent all-around protection paired with a design that’s relatively slim and lightweight. It uses Griffin’s FortiCore technology along the bumper to provide excellent shock protection that Griffin claims is proof against 10 foot (3 meter) drops directly onto concrete, making it one of the most protective cases around. That protection is reinforced with a pebbled texture along the outside of the bumper that boosts grip. It’s slim and light despite all the protection, which makes it an excellent choice for daily use. It won’t be the choice for the stylish though, as the Survivor Endurance is very much a rugged case with a rugged design — but if you can live with the lack of style, it’s a great case.

Case-Mate Karat (Mother of Pearl)

Slim, stylish, and oh-so glittery, Case-Mate’s Karat (Mother of Pearl) case is the protective choice for anyone who wants to immediately wow with their phone. Inspired by the Lucite handbags of the 1950s, the case uses genuine pieces of pearl and sterling silver encased in resin to give your phone a style that’ll stop admirers dead in their tracks. It’s got brawn to back up that beauty too, with 10 feet (3 meters) of drop protection, flexible sides for grip, and metallic buttons. It even works with wireless charging. Beauty comes at a price though, and this case will set you back a staggering $50 — but that price does include a lifetime warranty, which makes the investment a lot easier to stomach.

Smartish Dancing Queen

Going out with your whole bag because you want to keep your phone and wallet on you can be a real pain, and without pockets, you don’t have much of a choice. If that describes you, then Smartish’s Dancing Queen case could be of interest. Formerly known as Silk, Smartish is definitely smarter than the name implies, offering a great looking case with an absolute ton of additional features. There’s a detachable wristlet to keep it close to hand, along with an adjustable crossbody strap to keep your hands free while also keeping your phone available. There’s space for five cards and additional cash so you can leave your purse at home. There are even a couple of loops so you can keep lip gloss close at hand. It’s a very specialized case, but if you love the utility, this is a fantastic $30 buy.

Hitcase Splash 2.0

If your iPhone is going to accompany you on your adventures, then getting the right protection is doubly important. Thankfully, Hitcase is offering the Splash 2.0 for the iPhone 11 Pro to make sure your phone is as survivable as you are. A clear back panel protects your phone from scratches and bumps, while still allowing you to see the design. The Enframe chassis suspends your iPhone, creating an air cushion to boost drop protection, while the TPU bumper around the outside further increases that protection. An ultra-thin membrane protects your screen, while the seal around your device protects it against water immersion up to 10 meters. It’s expensive, as these sorts of cases always are, but it’s certainly got the features to back up its high price.


Ghostek Atomic Slim3

While Ghostek isn’t one of the biggest names around, it should be with cases this good. The Atomic Slim3 (“Slim 3”, not “slime”) is a strong, slim case that looks fit to stand up against almost anything you can throw at it. It uses a range of materials to achieve this protection, combining an inner TPU liner with a hard polycarbonate back panel and finished off with a tough aluminum metal frame. Ghostek claims the case offers drop protection of up to an amazing 12 feet (3.6 meters), while a raised bezel protects still further. It’s completely compatible with wireless charging, and it’s not a bad price for a case this protective. While it is slim, it definitely adds more bulk than your standard gel case though, so be aware of that.

VRS Designs Damda Glide Shield Gradient

Cases don’t just have to add protection and style — they can also add extra features. This stylish case from VRS Designs isn’t just protective, it also adds some extra functionality to your phone. The protective shell of TPU and polycarbonate doesn’t only offer protection against drops, bumps, and scratches, it also contains a compartment accessed through a sliding back panel. Here you’ll find space for up to two cards and some spare cash. It’s not exactly hidden though, thanks to the translucent design. Still, it’s handy if you’re planning on leaving your wallet at home, and when combined with the strong protection on offer, it’s a great prospect. It is expensive for what it is though.

Snakehive Vintage Bottle Green Leather Wallet

If you’re looking for luxury, then there are few cases better than a leather wallet case. While there are many such cases on the market, few make them as well as Snakehive. Made from full-grain European cowhide nubuck leather, this bottle green vintage wallet case feels great in the hand and looks even better. While leather isn’t as rugged as other more protective materials, it’ll still protect well against a variety of threats. A magnetic clasp keeps it closed, and the inner section of the front cover contains space for up to three credit cards and some extra cash. At $37 it’s also fairly cheap for genuine leather, so there are no complaints about pricing.

Ringke Fusion-X

Another name with a fantastic pedigree, Ringke’s Fusion-X case is one of the most well known and noticeable designs around. Of course, that unique style may not be to your design, but the case’s strengths outweigh its odd looks in our minds. It’s made from a clear polycarbonate backplate with a TPU bumper, offering a great combination of shock and scratch-resistance, while also offering a clear window to your device. The Fusion-X case has also passed the MIL-STD 810G – 516.6 Certified Military Grade Drop Protection standard for drop protection, giving it strong protection against a variety of drops. While the style may divide, the results speak for themselves — and it’s reasonably priced too.