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Home News Spruce up your Fitbit Versa Lite with one of these awesome bands!

Spruce up your Fitbit Versa Lite with one of these awesome bands!

The Fitbit Versa Lite does a lot of things right. It has powerful fitness tracking features, comes in at a great prices, and has an excellent design. The watch bands included with the Versa Lite are good to get you started, but if you want to shake things up a bit, we recommend checking out any of the below replacement bands.

Easy choice

Kmasic Sport Band

Staff pick


The band you get with the Versa Lite out of the box is fine for working out, but it’s always a good idea to have a couple workout band options. For that, we recommend this sport band from Kmasic. Its premium silicone design is soft, breathable, and looks great thanks to the many colors/patterns it’s available in.

From $4 at Amazon

Stay cool

KIMILAR Sport Band


Another great sport band is this option from KIMILAR. Featuring a perforated design, the watch band is all about keeping your wrist cool and dry no matter how big of a sweat you break. It comes in multiple sizes, a bunch of different colors, and does all this while being easy on the old wallet.

From $6 at Amazon

Fancy and cheap

Hooroor Milanese Loop


Ready for a night out on the town? Dress your Versa Lite up with the Hooroor Milanese Loop. Made out of stainless steel and offered in a few different finishes, this band adds a nice bit of class to the Versa and transforms it into a proper timepiece. Better yet, you get this style and fashion at a really good price.

From $9 at Amazon


Supcase Unicorn Beetle Pro


Supcase’s Unicorn Beetle Pro might be excessive for some of you reading this, but for people that are particularly rough with their tech and want something that’ll keep the Versa Lite safe at all times, this is for you. There are raised bezels to protect the screen from scratches, a metal buckle for the band, and precise button cutouts.

$19 at Amazon

Genuine leather

Fitbit Horween Leather Band


Fitbit makes a few official first-party bands for the Versa Lite, and one of our favorite collections is its lineup of Horween leather bands. Fitbit has quite a few colors to choose from, and while the price is high compared to some of the other bands, the quality and attention to detail are second to none.

$50 at Fitbit

Fabric fun

QIBOX Fabric Band


Fabric watch bands are also a great addition to any collection, and if you’d like to add some while sticking to a budget, QIBOX has you covered. QIBOX’s bands are made out of a high-quality nylon with hand knitting. In other words, they look and feel great. They’re breathable, comfy to wear, and you have your choice of 13 different colors.

From $9 at Amazon

Style + function

Fitbit Woven Hybrid Band


Fitbit’s newest line of Versa Lite bands, the Woven Hybrid series, is quite something. The front on the band features a polyester material with four fun patterns to choose from, but on the underside is fluoroelastomer to keep your wrist comfortable and dry while working up a sweat.

$35 at Fitbit

Hey big spender

Fitbit Stainless Steel Links


This is, undoubtedly, the most expensive band on our list. It’s probably too much money for a lot of folks to spend on an accessory for their smartwatch, but if you have the necessary funds, it’s well, well worth it. Fitbit’s official stainless steel band looks downright fantastic with a timeless design, large links, and two finishes.

$100 at Fitbit


Bayite Bling Band


If you really want your Versa Lite to stand out, this is the band that’ll do it. We love Bayite’s metal band for the unique, chic design, high-quality materials, and four color options. It’s a downright stunning band, and even better, it comes with a 1-year warranty and a full refund should anything go wrong.

From $22 at Amazon

If you still aren’t sure what to get for your Versa Lite, a good place to start is with the Kmasic Sport Band. It’s a simple design, doesn’t cost too much, and is a great, easy way to give your watch a brand-new look and feel.

When you’re not at the gym and want to give your Versa Lite some class, my favorite option is Fitbit’s official Horween Leather Band. Yes, it’s on the expensive end of the spectrum, but its quality is top-notch and it’ll serve you well for years to come.


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