Save 75% on easyHDR image processing software

Have you ever taken photos with a quality DSLR and wondered why things look so flat and uninspired? Even adding an expensive camera lens doesn’t seem to matter. Things just don’t look nearly as good as what others are capturing. What’s the deal?

It’s not your eye and not the angle, subject, or lighting. No, professional photographers are getting much more realistic and appealing results using a technique called high-dynamic range. You can get these same results for $9.99 with easyHDR.


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Available in the AndroidGuys Deals Store, it’s discounted by some 74% for a limited time. As an app that works for both Windows and Mac, it lets you edit photos to get photorealistic results that have more balanced and accurate colors.

easyHDR Features

  • Merge several differently exposed photographs (JPEG, JPEG2000, TIFF or RAW) into a HDR image
  • Tone map to get the final result w/ tone mapping algorithms of easyHDR
  • Correct the white balance during tone mapping
  • Live preview while working with full resolution of the photo
  • Boost quality w/ noise removal filters
  • Ensure that moving objects won’t spoil the final photo using automatic & manual ghost removal
  • Remove dust particles or unwanted objects from your photos w/ the clone & healing brush tool
  • Process large numbers of photographs w/ the batch processing feature

By merging multiple low-dynamic range photos into one HDR image, you can merge photos across a variety of formats, such as JPEG, JPEG2000, TIF, and RAW. The easyHDR tools let you remove noise, ghosting, and dust particles that tend to otherwise degrade your photos. If you have multiple images you’d like to view in HDR, you can batch process them at once.

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Normal photos don’t provide the full range of exposure that human eyes can detect, but you can use easyHDR to punch them up with gorgeous, photorealistic results for just $9.99, or 74% off. Hurry, this price won’t last long.

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