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Home News Samsung is working on a secret phone that folds into a square

Samsung is working on a secret phone that folds into a square

If you miss flip phones, you will like Samsung’s latest foldable phone that will reportedly debut early next year. 

Bloomberg reports that Samsung is working on its second foldable phone, which will fold down just like a flip phone. The screen would be 6.7 inches and would fold into a compact square. 

Samsung is reportedly working with fashion designer, Thom Browne, to design the phone, which is to appeal to a more fashion-forward, luxury-driven set of users. The Samsung Galaxy Fold will be priced at $1,980 once it debuts this month. If the new foldable phone from Samsung is supposed to have an emphasis on luxury, it’s only fair to assume that it would be even more expensive than the Galaxy Fold. 

The new phone will include a selfie camera on the inner display, as well as two cameras on the outside. 

Since the phone would fold downward instead of inward, it would be the same shape as any other smartphone, which would allow Android apps to run in their normal state instead of following the current Samsung Galaxy Fold’s adapted-dimension displays. 

The Galaxy Fold was supposed to debut in April, but journalists who were given the phone to review before the official launch found several hardware issues that caused Samsung to recall the phone and postpone the launch. Digital Trends never had issues with our edition of the phone; however, some users were complaining about blacked-out screens. 

Samsung has since said that the issues with Galaxy Fold have been fixed and that it will debut to carriers and retailers this month. Samsung’s President and CEO D.J. Koh said the entire affair was “embarrassing.” 

For Samsung to be working on a second foldable phone before it has even officially perfected its first one is a bold move, but cell phone manufacturers are in a race to advance the future of smartphones. 

Apple is quiet on any future foldable phones, but the tech giant has patents on a flexible hinge that would allow for a foldable iPhone. Google also applied for a patent that will enable a smartphone to unfold into tablet mode. 

Digital Trends reached out to Samsung for comment, but we have not yet received a response. 


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