Is a Fortnite x IT Chapter Two Crossover on the way?


Is Pennywise on his way?

What you need to know

  • Players have recently found a red balloon floating near a sidewalk drain in Pleasant Park.
  • Popping the balloon triggers an evil laugh, which is likely hinting at an upcoming crossover with the IT franchise.
  • With IT Chapter Two releasing this weekend, it wouldn’t be shocking to see the crossover release tomorrow.

The world of Fortnite may soon be getting another movie crossover, as fans and players have started finding evidence that a Fortnite x IT Chapter Two crossover could be in the works.

Things started with players finding a red balloon floating over a sidewalk drain in the game’s Pleasant Park location. Popping the balloon causes a distorted, sinister laugh to play. Along with the balloon, certain data-miners in the Fortnite community have also found the red balloon and laugh inside the game’s files for the upcoming update, lending even more credence to the thought that a crossover is on the horizon.

You can check out a clip of the balloon and laugh below, courtesy of LootLakeBR on Twitter.

Red balloons are starting to appear across the map 🎈🤡 #Fortnite

— Fortnite News | (@LootLakeBR) September 4, 2019

While nothing else has been found, the red balloon itself is iconic, and can only stem from one possible franchise. With IT Chapter Two scheduled to release on Friday, it wouldn’t be too surprising to see a crossover coming, especially with Fortnite’s weekly update scheduled to take place tomorrow morning.

Where the balloons are, Pennywise the clown isn’t too far behind, so it’ll be interesting to see how Fortnite is able to incorporate the franchise into a battle royale game. Going off of how most crossovers work, expect some challenges, skins, and more in-game content to be added.

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