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Home News Google Pay gets the ability to import rewards cards from in-store purchases

Google Pay gets the ability to import rewards cards from in-store purchases

The latest Google Pay feature makes it easier to manage all your rewards cards


What you need to know

  • Google Pay can now automatically import rewards cards from in-store purchases.
  • The app had gained the ability to import loyalty cards and tickets from Gmail earlier this year.
  • You will receive a notification asking you to add your rewards card to Google Pay after you make an in-store purchase.

In April this year, Google Pay gained a handy feature that allowed it to pull loyalty cards and tickets from a user’s Gmail account. As reported by 9To5Google, Google Pay has now gained another new feature allows it to automatically import rewards cards from in-store purchases.

If you have a rewards card that hasn’t yet been linked to Google Pay, the app will now ask you if you want to add it into your account following an in-app purchase. Needless to say, the new feature could prove to be quite helpful, especially for those of you who have multiple rewards cards that haven’t been linked in Google Pay yet.

In the coming weeks, Google is expected to add a new feature to Android 10), which will enable users to quickly access cards stored in Google Pay through the power menu. The Google Pay cards will show up as soon as the power button is long-pressed.

In addition to your credit/debit cards, you will be able to access your boarding passes as well. According to 9To5Google, the feature is expected to be enabled via a server-side update sometime in the near future.

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