Gmail to get dark theme support on Android later this month

A few more Android apps are set to get a dark theme. Dark mode, in general, is a major feature in the newly released Android 10, thanks to the fact that the operating system has a system-wide dark mode — where many apps and aspects of the software are controlled by one switch. Apps like Gmail, Google Assistant, and Google Maps all have yet to get the feature, but Google’s official website for Android 10 shows dark modes for all of them.

The page shows off a number of new features in Android 10, but it can be switched to dark mode — giving you a look at dark modes for apps that don’t have it yet. We don’t know when some of those apps will get dark mode, but a Google spokesperson confirmed in an email to Digital Trends that dark mode will be coming to Gmail this month.

Google Maps and Google Assistant have supported dark mode features in some capacity, however, full support hasn’t arrived just yet. It’s likely that an update with full support will roll out to users in the very near future. Gmail added some basic support for dark mode, too. For example, the Gmail widget works in dark mode when Android 10’s system-wide dark mode is on, and if you open the Gmail app in dark mode, you’ll get a dark splash screen.

Of course, plenty of other apps have received the dark mode treatment. Recently Google Pay got dark mode, following in the footsteps of Google News, Google Files, and more. Dark modes have been getting more popular — Apple is adding a dark mode to iOS 13 and iPadOS, and it added a dark mode to MacOS last year.

Apart from dark mode, Android 10 brings a host of new features to the operating system. Notably, you’ll get new gesture controls, and the ability to personalize themes. There’s also a new so-called Focus Mode, which essentially turns off notifications for certain apps and only shows notifications that may be important to you. Focus Mode is an extension of the Digital Wellbeing feature, that was launched as part of Android 9.