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Home News Does Visible support Wi-Fi calling?

Does Visible support Wi-Fi calling?


Best answer: Yes. Well, kind of. A select few phones support Wi-Fi calling on Visible but you can expect the list to keep growing.

  • A fast Android with a great camera: Samsung Galaxy S9 ($561 at Amazon)
  • Check out Visible’s plan : Visible Unlimited ($40/mo. at Visible)

So which devices work right now?

While Visible supports a number of phones, only a select few support Wi-Fi calling.

  • All Visible compatible iPhones
  • Visible R2 from ZTE
  • Samsung Galaxy S9 and 9+
  • Motorola G7 Power if purchased through Visible

Keep and eye on the Wi-Fi Calling section of the help page to check for update.

While Visible is taking a cautious approach to the roll out of it’s Wi-Fi calling feature, it’s committed to expanding support in the future. Making sure things go smoothly for users is important and to be absolutely confident that customers can make and receive calls whenever they need to without having to reconsider their network is important.

Nobody wants to drop an important call because their phone isn’t fully ready for a new feature so I appreciate Visible’s cautious optimism on rolling out the Wi-Fi calling feature. For the time being, any other voice over internet protocol service should work just fine on Wi-Fi or Visible’s unlimited LTE data such as Facebook Messenger, Google Hangouts, or Line.



Please fill in the 911 information


This is an easy step to skip especially if you’re in a hurry but taking the time to do this correctly can quite literally be a life saver.

When you enable Wi-Fi calling, you will be required to enter the address of the Wi-Fi connection for emergency services. While most of the time in an emergency call the caller will be able to confirm an address or a phone’s GPS may be utilized, more information is going to be better for emergency services to be able to help people as quickly and as accurately as possible. Please take it seriously.

Our pick

Samsung Galaxy S9


$561 at Amazon

The Galaxy experience

The Samsung Galaxy S9 is provides one of the fastest and most polished Android expeiences available with a beautiful screen and a great camera. You also get access to Wi-Fi Calling on Visible

A big network for less



No credit check and a big network

$40/mo. at Visible

Visible is as simple as possible. Use Verizon’s LTE network with no contract and get good speeds for browsing and streaming and no surprise fees.


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