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20 minute games for under $20 (ish) on PlayStation VR

We all know that the greatest fun to be had in the PlayStation VR is from those epic AAA titles, but they are not the only fun to be had. I’ve compiled a list of games that can be enjoyed for 20-minute stints, for under $20. Mindless fun, short levels and lots of replay value are what’s on offer here. Of course, we all know that Beat Saber is an amazing game and if you don’t own it you really should but these other game are well worth your time too.

The very best

Beat Saber


Staff Pick

Ok, I know it’s not under $20, but Beat Saber is a phenomenon in the VR world. It’s a game that takes you into a world of Electronic Dance Music and asks you to attack it with lightsabers. It really doesn’t get better than that. Each track is around 8 minutes long so it’s perfect for short games sessions.

$30 PlayStation

Take flight

Eagle flight


$20 at Amazon

Eagle Flight is a calming VR experience as you soar through the skies and see the world in a different way. Flying over a future Paris is such an amazing feeling you will want to spend ages in there, but you can certainly do it for 20 minutes.

Swamp thing

Dick Wilde 2


$20 at the PlayStation Store

Dick Wilde 2 is essentially a First-Person tower defense game, waves of enemies doing their best to eat you up while you fend them off with assorted weapons. Dick Wilde is a silly, frivolous, fun little game that is engaging from the start. You can even use the AIM controller to fight the baddies.


Dead Hungry


Zombies have taken over and the only way to save everyone is to feed them from your burger truck! Yeah, I know it’s dumb but it’s still super fun! Dead Hungry is very similar to Dick Wilde, in that it is a frantic, wave-based game where the enemies are relentlessly attacking you and all you can do is react to survive.

$8 at the PlayStation Store

Endless fun for free

Rec Room


Rec Room is the game on this list that is cheapest, it’s free, and has the most potential for longevity. Based on the recreation centers of our youth, Rec Room lets you play multiple games with multiple people in VR. It’s one of our favorite games here as we can play with the team in so many different scenarios the gameplay is always new, funny and exciting.

Free at the PlayStation Store

Bang the drum

Happy Drummer


$10 at Amazon

Give yourself a happy experience by drumming to fun little ditties while cavemen and fantasy tribes dance around you. Happy Drummer is a game you can pick up and play for as little as 10 minutes without any trouble.

Cheap and quick is key

These games are perfect for those few minutes you have to spare. We all wish we could play for hours on end and with our Staff Pick Beat Saber you probably could. Happily, you can also knock out two or three tracks in under 20 minutes and still have a great time.

And yes, I know I said these games were under $20, but come on, Beat Saber is just too good not to own. It is well worth stretching your money a little for.

If you haven’t downloaded Rec Room yet you really should. It’s another game that has hundreds of hours of gameplay attached to it, but you can still play it in bite-size chunks.


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