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Stuck in ELO hell? HP’s A.I. coach wants to help Omen owners become better gamers

Do you have people telling you to “git gud” while you’re gaming? Do you wish you knew what you need to improve on to rank up or improve your ELO? HP is here to help. Its Omen Command Center for Omen laptop and desktop owners has added A.I. coaching that uses machine learning and analytics to make you a better gamer. The software can take your statistics and information from your latest game and use it to highlight key areas where you could improve your play.

Created in partnership with Mobalytics, the tool is able to analyze a myriad of data points from your gaming history to figure out the best way to improve your kill-to-death ratio, your one-on-one dueling, farming, and more. You’ll get statistical analysis that’s easy to understand, as well as advice from high-level players who can give you unique insights into how to boost your gaming ability.

You can see the sort of experience you’ll have with A.I. coaching in this Mobalytics video:

If this all sounds very MOBA-like, then you’ve spotted the only real weakness of this update to the Command Center: Tt is limited to League of Legends at this time. But we’re told that more games will be added in the future and, if this feature proves popular, HP is committed to expanding it to provide even greater insight to Omen gamers.

For now, the coaching tab offers information on eight particular metrics you can improve upon to help make you a better teammate and player. It will even suggest certain skills to focus on, highlighting where you’re weakest or where you can improve the most in a short period of time.

A.I. coaching is free for all existing and new Omen PC users for a year, after which a monthly subscription fee will be applied. The exact price of that subscription has yet to be determined. Although anyone can download and use the Command Center, only Omen owners have access to the coaching feature.

HP is updating the Command Center in other ways that everyone can enjoy. Alongside coaching and the already existing overclocking and system monitoring, you can also now use a unified game library that can launch titles from a variety of other clients. There’s also HP rewards, which give U.S. users the chance to earn money off hardware or food by completing certain achievements and goals.



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We’re not entirely sure how HP plans to fund such rewards, but we’ve reached out for more details.

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