Sony hasn't revealed one yet, but the PS5 will likely have a new controller


Best answer: Most likely, yes. Though Sony hasn’t confirmed a new controller, a precedent has been set where new console generations are met with controller redesigns. This change rings true across the industry, including Microsoft and Nintendo.

Current iteration: Sony DualShock 4 ($47 at Amazon)

What controller does the PlayStation 4 use?

The PlayStation 4 uses the Sony DualShock 4 controller. DualShock 4 controllers are compatible with all PS4 models, even the PS4 Pro. Aside from your usual face buttons and thumbsticks, each one features a large touchpad on the front of the controller, a light bar on the top, a speaker right below the touchpad, and a share button to the left of the touchpad.

Will the DualShock 4 be compatible with the PlayStation 5?

It is unlikely, but not impossible. A PS3 controller isn’t compatible with PS4, and a PS2 controller wasn’t compatible with PS3. Usually, when a new controller is announced, that makes the old one obsolete. But stranger things have happened, and Sony hasn’t confirmed anything yet when it comes to a controller for the PlayStation 5.

What precedents have been set when it comes to new controllers?

New controllers are almost always redesigns that iterate on the previous model, taking what worked and fixing what didn’t. Certain features or buttons may be added depending on features that the PlayStation 5 specifically supports.

Going by Sony’s previous controllers, the next DualShock (or whatever it’s named) will likely pack an internal battery and be charged via USB.

Old reliable

DualShock 4 controller


$47 at Amazon

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The DualShock 4 may not be compatible with the PlayStation 5 when it comes out, but it’s still valuable for playing your current games on PS4 or PC. Plus, Sony is coming out with new colors soon so you can expand your collection.