The first-ever Snap Partner Summit on April 4 was an incredibly fruitful event for the Snapchat company. Our colleagues from visited it and shared what they discovered about the brightest updates released at the conference. Here’s everything about the newest features.

The original version of Snapchat was invented for communication through snaps. Today it’s something much more flexible. Now you can get collaborative gaming experience without leaving the app. Snap Games is a multiplayer gaming platform that offers mobile game developers to present their creations right through the Chat bar. No need to install games or waste time on searching servers. You only have to open a dialogue and press the Play icon. Voice and text chatting is enabled in each title, so it’s not just about watching your friends’ nicks above characters. PikPok, ZeptoLab, Zynga, Spry Fox, and Game Closure pioneered the sector with new franchises right on the summit.

The next surprising thing is Snap Originals. Yes, they are real shows filmed exclusively for Snapchat users. You can call it a new genre because vertical series and shows exist only on this platform. Developers introduced 10 new titles, including drama, horror, action, and docuseries. At, we could hardly imagine how artistic narrative would look like vertically. For the first time, it’s a weird experience which drives you to search inconsistencies all the time, but soon you get used and take it up.

Snapchat is famous for its Augmented Reality (AR) technologies. Snap community created over 400,000 Lenses, and it seems to be only the beginning. With the AR Bar, you can create lenses and explore the library. Moreover, there are groundbreaking new scanners for hands, bodies, pets, and other objects. With the shopping mode, you can figure out what brand you look at and where to buy it. The audio scanner recognizes music, the math mode solves problems instantly, and pizza … Well, it’s just funny.

The most impressive new Lens type is Landmarks. It allows you to create and use lenses for buildings. They can animate places or add up overlays. It’s still the same technology, but now it looks much more monumental and universal. However, at Freepps, we are convinced that AR must become more practical. Introduction of Snap Math Lens is a step towards being demanded as a multi-purpose AR application.

All these innovations added up to Snapchat struggle for returning the lost user base. The Verge reports that the app has reached 186 million daily active users again. It’s still less than 191 million, but the situation stabilizes.