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IOTransfer Review: Best iPhone/iPad Transfer Software

This is an unbiased review of IOTransfer 3, an easy-to-use and functional software be used for data transfer from iPhone iPad to PC, and the vice versa. Besides, it committed to bringing you more convenience by built-in other often used and practical features including phone clean, unblocked video download & conversion, GIP making, etc. Read the follow-up text to see in detail.

1. Transfer Photos, Videos and More as You Want

In truth it is often to make a selection of your iPhone iPad contents and transfer them to your PC for preservation or other use, as well as adding some content from your computer to your device. There are numerous methods to transfer all the data that has been saved on your iPhone, iPad or iPod to the PC. Often you use iCloud or iTunes but they are both inconvenient and cumbersome to use. Fortunately, the alternatives are not lacking and there are numerous programs that allow you to transfer data from an Apple device to the PC conveniently and quickly and easily.

IOTransfer is one of the best options. It is a reliable application that allows you to manipulate, modify and save your data where you want, in an instant way, and with a simpler and faster operation compared to iTunes. This new application allows data transfer across iOS device and computer in a modern and customizable way.

Note: More importantly, IOTransfer even makes the transfer wirelessly so that you can totally free from using a USB cable.

2. Manage all Contents in One Handy Place

The reason why IOTransfer is convenient to use for users is the presence of a complete tool that allows you to better manage the data and transfer it across your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and computer. The practical and accessible operation of transferring photos, videos, images, and other data makes the app inviting and very useful. In fact, it is possible to synchronize the iPhone to other devices. It is practically synchronizing the data saved on multiple devices in order to keep that data always up to date.

One of the components that occupy more memory within your iPhones is music. Thanks to IOTransfer you can transfer music from your PC, or Mac, to your iDevice quickly and easily. Besides music, you can also use it to transfer and manage all your iOS content in one handy place, such as your video, photos, contacts, documents, etc. With this program, you can, therefore, get the best from the memories of your Apple devices.

3. Free up Memory on the iPhone

Nowadays it is essential to have a lot of memory available on your iPhones and iPads to save all important data without worry. Everyone likes to keep pictures, music, videos and movies. You are all full of photos and files that you have saved or received but forget to delete when they are no longer wanted. Thanks to IOTransfer, it is possible to delete all the files you wish to delete simultaneously and with just one click. This function will delete all selected files from all devices synchronized in one shot, thus allowing you to save space & time, as well as boosting your iPhone.

With this app installed, you will no longer have to worry about memory and will no longer have problems with cannot be able to insert new content.

4. More Features You’ll Enjoy

You see IOTransfer is such a good iPhone transfer, all-in-one iOS manager, smart phone cleaner. Plus, it is also being designed as an unblocked video downloader & converter. It enables you to download YouTube videos to MP3, MP4 or saving and converting them other formats according to your needs.

Besides YouTube, you’re also be allowed to download videos from other 100 + websites to iPhone iPad directly, including Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo, Instagram and so on.


The features and services offered by IOTrasnfer are constantly increasing and improving thanks to frequent updates aimed at solving problems reported by users and improving the software. I am pretty impressed with IOTransfer so far. I think you will feel the same too. If you are looking for an iTunes alternative, this should be a good choice.


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