The digital age is very much a young person’s space. For the older generation, it is not something that they grew up with. For millennials, however, it is almost hardwired. They were born at the start of the digital era and their education was during the birth-phase of what has now become a standard part of everyday life. It is no wonder then that the millennial generation is so comfortable engaging digitally. In fact, one of the keys to surviving in the modern world is all about knowing your way around the latest technology and not looking too horribly out of your depth. If this is something that worries you, then here are a few tips to help you hold your own when there are younger people in the room.

Acronyms FTW

There is nothing quite like a good acronym to make it look like you know what you are talking about. Without being silly, you should always feel free to drop one or two into a conversation – as long as you know what they mean of course. Something along the lines of, ‘I was speaking to this SEO services company Sydney or Perth based I think it was…’ is all you need. While the sentence is sufficiently vague in that it doesn’t give any specific names or locations, it nevertheless establishes your credentials as somebody who knows people, and, best of all, you drop in a trendy acronym that shows you know a thing or two.

Be cool

No matter what thing you have just discovered, don’t ever go on about it for too long. Harping on about something that you have just discovered for the first time is very uncool and very un-millennial. It might be that you have just unearthed the latest thing but being over-excitable about it simply isn’t on. What is more likely to happen however is that you have just discovered something that everybody has known about for years, and in getting excited you are just making yourself out to be a fool. For example, ‘I cannot believe this Facebook app. It is so amazing. I think these guys are on to something. It is going to be huge.’ That would be a giant failure.

Follow the right people

To stay up to speed with what is happening and who is thinking what, make sure that you follow the right people on the right channels. Who are the current thought leaders in your field? Who is dominating the conversation on Twitter? Who is more active on other social media platforms? Which are the trending podcasts that should be listened to? These are all important questions. Take advice on these topics from people you respect, but also take time to do your own research and to find answers to the questions yourself. You need to listen to these thought leaders, but you also need to hear what they are saying and form your own opinions. Nobody is interested if you can trot out somebody else’s opinions, they want to hear yours. So, listen critically and then shape your own thoughts.