Are you going to use a case with the Galaxy Note 10?

Let’s see what the AC forums have to say.


With Galaxy Note 10 pre-orders now live, early adopters will soon have their hands on Samsung’s latest and greatest before they know it.

The Note 10 is an incredible-looking handset, but as much as we appreciate its design, we’d also advise getting a case to go along with it — no matter if you’re getting the regular Note 10 or larger Note 10+.

Taking a look at the AC forums, it would appear that most of our members will be choosing to rock a case when their Note 10 is delivered.

08-11-2019 01:56 AM

I usually have a number of cases that I use to change things up a little, but I always seem to have these 3 to start off with. I will probably have 3 others. My first Note 10 Plus accessories have arrived. LOL

Last year, my phone didn’t come until like 2 months after I got my cases and Whitestone Dome.


08-11-2019 11:39 AM

My preference is the Rhinoshield Crashguard Bumper.


08-10-2019 08:09 PM

UAG Monarch


08-10-2019 08:42 PM

I’ve always found no case to be the best case


What about you? Are you going to use a case with the Galaxy Note 10?

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