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Home News What do you want to see in Samsung's One UI 2.0 update?

What do you want to see in Samsung’s One UI 2.0 update?

Checking in with the AC forums.


Earlier this week, a report came out indicating that Google’s Android Q update will bring One UI 2.0 to Samsung phones.

Samsung introduced One UI last year with Android Pie, ushering in a brand new design language for its phones and an emphasis on reachability throughout the entire interface.

We aren’t expecting as drastic of a change between One UI 1.0 and One UI 2.0 compared to the shift we got last year, but even so, there are already a few people in the AC forums talking about it.

avatar2313781_26.gifMike Dee
07-18-2019 05:31 AM

Yeah….saw that. I imagine Q is a long way off though unless Sammy ramps up his efforts.


07-18-2019 05:40 AM

Makes me more interested in the beta, whenever that comes around.


07-18-2019 04:11 PM

Around the time Google has already released the final version. (Which they release to the manufacturers a month early.)


With One UI 2.0 right around the corner, we want to hear from you — What do you want to see in One UI 2.0?

Join the conversation in the forums!


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