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The best cash back apps to save you money

Everyone loves to save money, especially with the cost of living seeming to get higher every day. It may not have quite the immediate impact that Chumba casino free bonus codes or the like do, but even better is the opportunity to make a little bit of extra cash just by going about your daily routine. Thankfully there are a number of excellent apps that are compatible with both android and iPhone that allow you to do just that. In some ways these are the modern equivalent of clipping coupons, but they also offer a range of extra bonuses and can often be “stacked” or used in tandem for even greater savings.

Checkout 51

The great thing about this grocery rebate app is that it can be used anywhere. Go to any store that sells the items the app currently has an offer on and scan the receipt after you buy in order to get a cash rebate in your in-app account. The offers change regularly and the cash back amounts soon add up, especially if you use Checkout 51 alongside other apps with different but complementary offers.


Dosh is a seamless cash back app, meaning you just connect it to your bank and/or credit card account to automatically get rebates as you do your regular shopping. This only applies to stores that are partnered with the app, but there’s no need to scan your receipts: available rebates will be automatically applied. With no requirement to keep checking for the latest offers, Dosh is the perfect app for frequent shoppers with busy lives, who can treat the rebates as a pleasant extra bonus.


So far it’s only available on the East Coast, but GetUpside is a great app for saving money on the price of gas. You can earn up to 25c cash back per gallon, which for a regular driver means you could easily end up saving a couple of hundred dollars every week. GetUpside are also offering cash back deals on food and groceries (up to 35%), so if it’s available in your area and you use a car regularly, GetUpside seems like a must-have.


This popular cash back app focuses on the grocery sector, with constantly changing offers and rebates on a huge range of goods, both specific brands and general items (e.g. milk). Once you’ve bought an item that ibotta has an offer on, you just scan your receipt using the app. You should get a rebate in your ibotta account within 24 hours. This rebate can be transferred to a gift card or PayPal. Ibotta can be used in selected major grocery chains and also on big e-commerce sites like Amazon.

Receipt Hog

This cash back app isn’t tied to any particular store chain or to offers on any particular brands or items. Instead you can scan a receipt for literally anything in order to accumulate points. Receipt Hog also has a game element: each time you scan you also get a number of spins on a virtual slot machine, and you’re automatically entered into a monthly sweepstake too!


This app gives you points just for browsing in brick and mortar stores, so you don’t even have to spend money to get cash back. Points are known as “kicks” and can be acquired by scanning the barcodes of items in store as you walk past. Some stores will even give you kicks just for walking through their doors. Like other apps, Shopkick will give you extra kicks for buying items and scanning the receipts, and for shopping online. These can be redeemed as store gift cards.


TopCashback is one of several apps that give you money back if you shop at selected online retail sites. If you go to one of the sites they partner with and spend money there, TopCashback will give you what can often amount to a very generous rebate. Points can be redeemed in several ways, including via PayPal or Amazon, and there are also exclusive discount coupons that allow you to save money directly.

These money saving apps are proliferating and if you’ve got the technology there’s really no reason not to take advantage of them. Different apps cover different stores and types of goods, so there’s sure to be one that suits your lifestyle. Shop around, and soon you’ll find that you’re making money while you shop for both essentials and treats every day.     


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