The best cases for the Moto G7 Play

Introduced alongside the rest of the Moto G7 family, the G7 Play sports the smallest display of the group, making it much easier to handle while still giving you a lot of the same features and specs as the other devices. However, there are some of us out there who still want to keep our precious devices protected no matter what. Here are our picks for the best cases for the G7 Play.

Slim and Matte

Sunnyw Ultra-Thin TPU Case

Staff pick


Slim cases are definitely popular since they keep the bulkiness of your already-hefty smartphone down. The Sunnyw Slim case offers a compact construction, along with raised bezels and tactile button covers for the best all-around experience.

$10 at Amazon

On the hip

Lovpec Holster Case


It’s essential to have excellent protection, but also a case with a holster is always a plus. The Lovpec Holster Case offers not only an easy way to have your phone handy on your hip, but the case also sports a built-in kickstand. That allows you to prop up your Moto G7 Play to watch some YouTube or Netflix on the go.

$11 at Amazon


PushImei Transparent Case


TPU cases are some of the most popular on the market, but when you can get that plus a clear case, then that makes everything even better. Being able to show off your new toy while also keeping it protected is a great combination, and that’s what this PushImei case aims to provide.

$8 at Amazon

Carbon Fiber

CaseRoo Carbon Fiber Protection Cover


The Carbon Fiber case from CaseRoo is your more traditional protective case, but that might be just what you’re looking for. This G7 Play case offers not only shock absorption but also slip-resistance and heat-dissipation. All of this is less than $10.

$5 at Amazon

Ultra Thin

CASEVASN Soft Skin Case


CASEVASN has been around for a bit and provides exceptional cases for those who like the feeling of a flexible rubber case. There’s a “dotted texture” design on the inside of the case, which helps to keep your G7 Play protected while maintaining an ultra-thin profile.

$8 at Amazon


Starshop Hybrid Rugged Case


When it comes to protecting your smartphone, it’s crucial to have a tough outer shell, along with some type of screen protection. The Starship Hybrid Rugged Case has all of this and more with its polycarbonate outer-shell, silicone inner layer, and included a tempered glass screen protector.

$9 at Amazon

Leather Folio

DDJ Multi-Function Leather Case with Kickstand


Fashion and function are essential in today’s busy world, and the DDJ Multi-function Case takes care of both with ease. This case sports a flexible TPU shell on the inside, with PU leather around the outside for a great feel. Plus, when you flip the case open, there are three slots for credit or ID cards, and a pocket for cash or receipts.

$13 at Amazon

Bling bing y’all

AUMIAU Glitter Bling Shockproof Case


Who doesn’t want to show off their new phone in a unique way? This Glitter Bling case from AUMIAU will definitely turn plenty of heads once you slap it on your G7 Play. This case not only will draw the attention of your peers, but sports a shock-absorption design with a hardback shell and a soft, TPU, inner cover.

$9 at Amazon

Impact resistance

Poetic Affinity Hybrid Bumper Cover


Instead of relying on multiple pieces to keep the G7 Play protected, the Poetic Affinity case sports an anti-slip texture for improved grip, along with raised edges to protect the display. On the inside, there is a unique honeycomb pattern that aims to help keep your device protected if it tumbles towards the ground.

$13 at Amazon

Full body

Poetic Full-Body Guardian Case


The Poetic Full-Body Guardian case is comprised of two pieces with the back piece made of a polycarbonate back, TPU lining, and bumpers. The front snaps into the back case and includes a built-in screen protector so that your G7 Play is fully-protected.

$17 at Amazon

What would we use

Just because the Moto G7 Play is a budget phone doesn’t mean that it isn’t worth protecting. Sure you’ll find more cases for some of the more popular flagships, but there are still plenty on the market for the G7 Play and its other G7 siblings.

If you’re a fan of slim cases that offer minimal bulk to your phone, then the Sunnyw Ultra-Thin TPU Case is for you. This case includes raised bezels to keep your screen and camera away from being scratched. Additionally, the case itself has a matte feel, making it easy to keep your grip on the Moto G7 Play as you go through the day.

For those that don’t care about bulk and want the best protection, the Lovepec Holster Case is likely for you. Of course, you can throw your phone on your hip to keep your pockets free, but these combinations also will protect your G7 Play from any harm that may come its way.