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Home News Score this refurbished Chromebook for only $100

Score this refurbished Chromebook for only $100


More and more people are turning toward Chromebooks, and with good reason. Apple’s famed MacBooks are undeniably awesome, but they’re also undeniably expensive, and the fact is that most of us simply don’t need that expensive processing power to make it through the day.

This refurbished Samsung Chromebook 11.6″ 16GB gets the daily job done, and it’s currently available for just $99.99.

Whether your ultimate goal is to binge Netflix or write emails, this compact and powerful laptop will see you through the day.

Featuring a Chrome OS and a super-fast Exynos 5 Dual-Core 1.7GHz CPU, this intrepid Chromebook will allow you to multitask and get your work done at blisteringly-fast speeds.

It also comes loaded with a 16GB hard drive so you won’t have to rely on the cloud, and you’ll be able to do your work at night thanks to a brilliant LED HD 1366 display.

Get yourself a laptop that can get the job done without breaking the bank. This Samsung Chromebook 11.6″ 16GB (Refurbished) is available for just $99.99 for a limited time.

Prices are subject to change.


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