PSVR is best on a PlayStation 4 Pro


Best answer: For the best possible PSVR performance and experience you’ll want to be using a PlayStation 4 Pro. The GPU has over twice the power of a standard PS4 model, and its CPU also boasts a 30% increase in clock speed.

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What makes PlayStation 4 Pro better for VR?

Simply put: it’s more powerful. Games can render at 4K resolution in HDR, support higher frame rates, and they will generally perform better with less lag. It’s effectively the same situation should you play any game on PlayStation 4 Pro versus a standard PlayStation 4, whether or not you use PSVR.

Can I still use PSVR with a regular PlayStation 4?

Yes. PlayStation VR is compatible with all PlayStation 4 models. Certain games, however, may not support higher resolutions or frame rates when running on a PS4 as opposed to a PS4 Pro.

Is Sony working on a new VR headset?

The company may have already announced the next-generation PlayStation, but unfortunately, it looks like a new VR headset won’t launch alongside it. PlayStation’s Dominic Mallinson believes that “there’s no reason for us to coincide [a new headset] with a new console. For the consumer, to be bombarded with many many things — oh, you have to buy this, you have to buy that — is a message that we don’t want to send. In some ways, it’s good to have a little breathing space between those things.”

Still, this doesn’t mean that Sony isn’t thinking ahead about what the next-generation of its VR headset will look like. Mallinson stated that the R&D team already wants to evolve on the design of the move controllers, and future headsets may incorporate eye tracking and be completely wireless.

Should I wait until the PlayStation 5 comes out before getting a VR headset?

Since Sony isn’t releasing a new VR headset with the PS5, there’s no reason you should off hold on buying one right now. The current PlayStation VR headset will be compatible with the PS5, so it’s best to get an early start and pick it up for PS4.

Virtual reality

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PlayStation 4 Pro is undoubtedly the best PS4 for virtual reality because of its improved power and capabilities over other models. And its benefits extend far beyond VR.