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Main Benefits of Split Testing

Have you ever clicked on an ad on Facebook or any other website? Maybe you were a part of it in the past. Being a marketer, it is important for you to ensure that everything works well on your website and that your visitors are getting the right information. How can you know that for sure? This is why the split test has been designed to ensure that your visitors can easily understand your product and services. There are many examples of split testing we can give you, but the main thing is to make the process easy and fast.

How does it Work?

All you need to do to make it work is to implement a tracking code on your page. After that, this tool opens the different versions of the same page for different visitors. Simply put, it splits the traffic into different versions of pages. The main thing is to determine which version provides a better conversion rate. For example, you have two pages (Page A and Page B). Both of the pages are for the same product but are different in design and in the contact information given. You must then monitor those pages, to test which version of the page attracts more customers. In the end, you will receive statistics on the behavior of the traffic. These stats will determine which version is the more effective.

Types of Split Test

There are various types of split testing methodology but there are two common methods:

A/B Testing

In this test, we check only a single element of the page, such as an image, long-form copy, a headline, etc. Recently, we conducted this test on a website, in which, we split the pages. On the first version, we offered free shipping on average order value, while on the other page, we did not do so. The result showed that the free shipping page got a greater conversion rate. Simply changing a small detail in the landing page made a difference. We could have missed this opportunity if we had not used the split test.

Multivariate Testing

In this test, we compare multiple elements and their combinations on different pages. This test is somewhat more complicated, but it can help you test different elements of the website. However, a significant amount of traffic is needed in order to get the results with multivariate testing. If you have a new website and have low traffic, then A/B testing is more suitable.

Moreover, the A/B test provides you with insights so as to see what your audience wants. You can then easily modify the elements of your page according to visitor demands.

Taking the Guesswork out of Marketing

The most important thing to do in testing is the hypothesis. For example, you are thinking that curiosity-driven headlines will help you get more traffic. Using a split test, you can determine whether the curiosity-driven headline or the original headline is more suitable for your landing page. If your test results show that your hypothesis is correct, then you can change the headlines for all of your pages.


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