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Home News Keep your Quest safe with these great storage cases

Keep your Quest safe with these great storage cases

Now that mobile VR has taken off with the release of the Oculus Quest, consumers may be asking, what’s the best way to carry my headset around when I’m not using it? In the case of the Quest, there are a handful of options available right now. The following are suggestions for case selections.

Official Quest Case

Oculus Quest Travel Case


The official Oculus Quest Travel Case is the perfect fit to carry and store your Oculus Quest and accessories. Made specifically for the Quest, this case holds it perfectly in place. The controllers have a dedicated foam holder that ensures they do not move around or scratch your lenses.

$43 from Amazon

Versatile and robust

Hard EVA Travel Case for Oculus Rift VR


This hard EVA travel case by Hermitshell is a modular and well-constructed case. It was designed with the Oculus Rift in mind, so it holds the Quest just fine. It has adjustable inserts so you can section off your headset from accessories that might scratch the lenses.

$41 from Amazon


Fosmon Travel Storage Bag


The Fosmon Travel Storage Bag was made with VR enthusiasts in mind. It can hold a variety of different headset types and has plenty of room on the inside. It has modular inserts, so you can easily modify the bag to fit your needs.

$26 from Amazon




The CASEMATIX Carry Case is by far the most durable and rugged case for the Oculus Quest. While a bit on the expensive side, it is the best if you want to keep your Quest absolutely safe. In addition, the foam interior is completely customizable, so you can store whatever accessories you can make fit. The case has a firm handle, so carrying it around is a snap.

$45 from Amazon


Aenllosi Hard Case


The Aenllosi Hard Case for the Oculus Quest is compact and durable, making it ideal for easy storage on trips. This crush-proof case is perfect for stowing away in your luggage on a flight or road trip. The case is also shock and waterproof, so you can be assured your case will be safe.

$31 from Amazon

Best carrying case

Choosing a good case is important if you plan to keep your Quest safe while storing or traveling. Our favorite pick to store the Oculus Quest is the official Oculus Quest Travel Case. While our other picks are good options depending on your needs and budget, the Quest Travel Case is the best, and currently only case designed specifically with the Quest in mind. It’s compact, so your headset and accessories will not move around inside, and you can easily carry it with you, or store it.

If you’re looking for a budget option, we definitely recommend the Fosmon Travel Storage Bag. It is a well-made, but affordable case that can store all sorts of accessories. Unlike the Oculus Quest Travel Case, it can store other things such as other electronics, or other headsets.


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