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How to set up your personal Voice Match for Google Assistant

Google is amazing with data; it’s kinda its thing. One of those things it does almost better than everyone else in mobile is voice data. This is due to a few things, but one of those is your Voice Match data.

Google has been collecting data from voices for years. If you’ve used voice dictation, search, or voice-to-text, yours has been collected, too. With this data, it has built a profile of how you speak and the patterns you use. Voice Match sets all those patterns to the physical sound of your voice to a profile that will allow Google AI to recognize only your voice.

Once this is set up, Google can almost immediately recognize it’s you on all of your Google devices. This will allow you to shout commands for anything from Google Searches to playing your favorite tunes on Spotify or Pandora.

How to make it work

This is a pretty quick set up that requires digging into Google Home settings a bit.

  • Open your app drawer and find the Google Home app and select it
  • Tap the Account button with the “person” in a circle to the bottom right
  • Verify which account you want to use
  • Choose the Settings then More Settings
  • Select the Assistant tab at the top
  • Click Voice Match
  • Follow the steps on the screen
  • To hear sensitive information like calendar appointments or text you must turn on and agree to Personal results.

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Hello, Jarvis!

You have successfully created your Voice Match profile. You should now have your own personal connection to you Google Home devices as well as your smartphone. This includes the Google Home speakers, Android TV devices, and all the great Hub devices from Nest.

What are you waiting for? Start shouting at all the things in your home!


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