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Home News Can I overclock a Raspberry Pi 4?

Can I overclock a Raspberry Pi 4?


Best answer: Yes! The default setup program included with the NOOBS software suite includes an easy way to overclock your Raspberry Pi 4.

  • The perfect small PC board: Raspberry Pi 4 B ($35 at Newark Electronics)
  • Keep things cool: Raspberry Pi 4 Heatsink Kit ($5 at CanaKit)

Easy as Pie

Overclocking your Raspberry Pi 4, which involves purposely running your computer’s clock speeds at a rate beyond where it was designed to run, is simple, and all the software you need to do it is included with the default setup utilities.

When you’re done with the details like setting a password and getting on a network, you’ll run across the overclock item in the setup tools. All you need to do is click the entry, read everything that’s presented to you, and choose what level of overclocking you want to try.

It’s important to remember two things here. First, your Pi may not be stable at the setting you choose, and if things go really poorly you might have to start all over again from scratch. Make sure you have a backup of anything important if you try it.

The second thing is that overclocking makes heat, and you’ll probably want to use a set of heatsinks. the good news is that they are super easy to use and inexpensive. Plus, there’s a set you can buy just for your Raspberry Pi 4. Better safe than sorry.

If you decide to overclock and see a bit of random “wonkiness” here and there, you’ll probably want to dial things down a notch or remove the overclock completely. Do that the same way you initiated it, through the setup utilities.

New kid on the block

Raspberry Pi 4


Big bump in power

$35 at Newark Electronics

The Raspberry Pi version 4 is a bump up in every spec from the previous model. It’s also available with three different memory sizes — 1GB, 2GB, and 4GB — to be the right fit for any project.

So cool

Raspberry Pi 4 Heatsinks


Built for the tweaker

$5 at CanaKit

If you are using your Raspberry Pi 4 in a way that’s not quite within the recommended specifications, a set of heatsinks goes a long way towards keeping everything cool.


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