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10 online games that will get you addicted


Have you ever wondered as to why online gaming is so addictive? You enthusiastically get so involved playing them that you tend to forget about your surroundings and consume all your energies for the love for them!

But why are online games so capable of obsessing you and taking hold over your mind? The answer is straightforward, “Because they are fun.”

Presently, no matter what your favorite genre is, you will find at least one online game that would tempt your cravings. There are tons of adept developers, working day in and day out to create new and innovative online games for online game lovers.

Considering the distinction in human nature and attitudes. There are people who might prefer solitude. However, others love to stay social. The online gaming satisfies both the categories. Whether you want to stay aloof with your gadget only or you want to stay connected to the world around you, online gaming has made both the former and the latter possible for you.

Now even Google has joined the arena. As published in Aivanet, Google is now using games to teach kids about online safety. Games don’t only provide you with unlimited fun but also serve the purpose of teaching plenty of things.

Coming to the main point, there are quite a lot of games which has attracted people’s attention. Let’s have a look games at them.

1) Angry Birds

There has been a time when no one could have stopped playing Angry Birds. Every single individual seemed to be busy crushing pigs and building by shooting birds at them. Now, there are other games which have reduced the popularity of Angry Birds. However, Angry Birds is still the top antidote from distress and anxiety for tons of people out there. Player, when being busy crushing the pigs, pictures his life in parallel where he wishes to crush the negativity in his life the same way. Substantially, Angry Birds became the best partner of someone who needed relief from his everyday problems. 

2) Candy Crush

Now here is another game that busies you into crushing all the available candies. This game incites creativity in the gamer. The gamer stays in continuous efforts of finding the candies which look alike so that they may smash them. The best element about this game is that while playing it, your mind gets emptied from any encompassing thought, which is a good exercise for calming your nerves.

3) Father and Son

This game shines light upon the beautiful chemistry between a father and his son. This is an amazing game which is also going against the normal stereotype mental approach. A father can definitely take care of his child at home when his wife works at an office. Moreover, the father and son can definitely spend a lot of good time together and have lots of fun in each other’s company. Unlimited Gamez Mo lets the audience play this enthralling game on their phones or tablets for less amount of subscription charges.

4) Subway surfers

This great game is super famous among the Android users of all ages. In it, you become a mischievous thief who keeps on running away from the clutches of police officers. Gamers spend a massive amount of time running and collecting coins. This game keeps the mind consistently functioning and provides relief against all the odds of life for a while. You can also get connected with your friends in the game and compete for position rankings. “Subway surfers” proves itself as a perfect example of Placebo.

5) Daymare Town Series

If you want to play an online game, engrossed with perfect mysteries and a full dose of suspense. There is nothing that would beat “Daymare Town Series.” This game contains a vague sort of artwork and surreal music that intimidates a gamer. It keeps you engulfed in horror. The gamers have to run away from the town where he is trapped. The entertainment that this game brings is endless.

6) Snow Line

Snow Line requires real mindfulness. This game has all the capabilities of bringing your Christmas mood on. Moreover, it is full with all the endearing enchantments of the snow season. In this, the gamer has to craft a snow line on the phone screen so that the Santa’s sleigh can comfortably slide through that. There will be hurdles and slopes in the way of the sleigh, so you need to be careful.

 7) The Maze

The maze is one of the most breathtaking online game for players and gaming aficionados out there. It is based on the phenomenal book of the same name, written by Christopher Manson. This game is developed in the very simplified version of text format. In it, each page represents a door where you have to look for your way in between the pages 1 to 45 and have a short root back to your place.

8) Karoshi Suicide Salaryman

Want some humor in life? “Karoshi Suicide Salaryman” suits best to all the fun seekers out there. While playing this game, ultimately you get morphed into the role of Karoshi. This boy is unhappy from his work life and continuously finds unique ways of killing himself.

When the game starts, you are given 50 lives. The main theme of this game is that at each level, you have to look out for ways to kill yourself. Whether you relate from Karoshi or don’t, this game is going to make your day.

9) Bow Man

This game also requires effectiveness. The gamers have to seek for the opponent, and intermittently has to set a perfect move. You need to go for the appropriate angle and strength of your bow. This is how you get your target done, and ultimately end winning the game.

10) Color switch:

Sometimes your mind gets too messed up, and you need to get refreshed. Color switch is the best game for this purpose. It continuously makes your mind working. The ball that you operate keeps on changing colors, and you need to cross the path with the same color as your ball.

Final Verdict:

Here, we assembled some of the online games which have proved themselves to be phenomenally addictive. One who starts playing them finds no rest.

The gaming aficionados always keep looking for the most enthralling chapter of their gaming life, and soon enough, they find their obsession in some specific game. While working in Office or doing long assignments, our brain craves for a break. This is where online games earn people’s attention and act as the best treatment against all the mental odds and clichés.

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