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Home News You can now share Google Search results straight from the app

You can now share Google Search results straight from the app

Google is making it a little easier to share search results. How? Well, with a share button, of course. The new share button is available in the Google app beta for Android, so its reach is a little limited right now. That said, the feature will likely make its way to the standard app on both Android and iOS in the near future.

This isn’t the first way to share a Google Search result, but it may be the easiest. In the past, you could simply copy and paste the URL, or use LMGTFY (Let me Google that for you), which was usually a little more of a sarcastic way to share a Google search result. Now, however, you don’t necessarily have to use either of those methods.

The share button shows up right on the search result page, next to the microphone button in the search box. Pressing on the button allows you to share a shortened URL through any traditional method of sharing, like a text message, email, and so on.

Once the link has been shared, recipients can click on the link and be brought to the same search result page, though exactly what happens depends on the device, as noted by 9to5Google. On Android, recipients will be brought to the Google app directly, while on a computer the link will send users to a traditional Search results page in the default web browser.

Search results, of course, may vary depending on the user — so when a recipient clicks on the link, they might see slightly different results than what you saw. As Google continues to tailor search results to users based on what it already knows about you, the difference in search results from user to user is expected to change further.

The feature is still only in testing, so only users who have opted to use the Google app beta will see the feature for now. It’s unknown when exactly the feature will roll out to the broader public, but it likely won’t be long. Keep an eye out for Google app updates to get the feature for yourself.

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