The statistic given above published by Statista shows the number of available apps in the Google Play Store from December 2009 to March 2019. Now, almost every successful business has an Android app.

If you have been toying with the plan to build an android app based on a brilliant idea, you’re just on the right page! Now, you can get your hands on creating your Android app and, that too even without having any coding knowledge.

There was a time when app development was the programmer’s game only, but now, with the evolution of hybrid application development, non-programmers can develop their apps using HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

Whether, it is for your website, blog, product, service or just anything random, you can develop and manage your mobile app using this app building platforms mentioned below-

1.    Appy Pie:

Appy Pie is a big name in the world of app building platforms. This company provides easy to use interface with many specialized templates for various types of apps ranging from traditional corporate designs, exciting games to high fashion, online store, etc. If your business already has a website, you won’t need to even add a source code to it, all you need to do is pull all the content from your website by putting the url of your website.

Currently, Appy pie offers three plans for users.

The Basic Plan: $15 for each app every month.

The basic plan provides 5,000 push notifications, 200 MB disk space, 4 GB monthly bandwidth.

The Gold Package: $30 per app monthly

The gold package allows you to build Android and Progressive apps. It gives you 10,000 push notifications, 400MB disk space and 8 GB of monthly bandwidth.

The Platinum Package: $50 per app every month

It’s the highest package which allows you to submit your app to all the available app stores.

Here are the three simple steps to make an Android app using this builder

A.    Select  an app design ( you can customize it in your manner)

B.    Drag and drop the features that you want your Android app to have.

C.    Finally, publish your app.

2.   GoodBarber

The interesting name of this comprehensive app builder is inspired from a French Island of Corsica. This app builder boasts some stunning themes. The advanced features like Social Networking, Chat, Geofencing, iBeacons are some of the unique features that are provided by this app builder.

As you can see above, this app builder more than 200 layout options for your content. From navigation, article section to video section, photo section, event section, community, you can find a layout for almost every type of content.

Currently, GoodBarber has two plans for making Android apps from scratch-

Package 1 ( Android Standard)- €32/month

1 Progressive Web App for desktop, mobile  and, tablet

1 Native App for Android

Allows you to connect your domain name

SSL Security is included in this package 

Unlimited traffic

Unlimited downloads

Package 2 –(Android Full)- €48/month

1.    Progressive web app for desktop, mobile, and tablet.

2.    1 Native App for Android

3.    Allows you to connect your domain name

4.    SSL security is included

5.    Unlimited traffic

6.    Unlimited downloads

7.    Advanced add-ons

This Android app shown above was built on the app-building platform of GoodBarber.


It’s a cloud-based mobile app builder which you can use to build Android apps. The built-in component of this app builder includes the active components like Apache Cordova (phone gap), Ionic, jQuery mobile with its access.

Since this app builder runs in the cloud, so you don’t need to install or download anything, and you can quickly get started with this builder. The visual editor of Appery allows you to drag and drop components to build the UI. Appery automatically generates the codes for any element that you drop in. The cloud database stores all the essential data of your app.

The Appery plugin catalog allows you to add more powerful functionalities. You can also create your custom plugins to use in your app.

Presently Appery offers three packages for building Android apps.

1.    The Pro Package: $70 per month

1.    1 (max 3)

2.    It allows you to  build three apps

3.    50k  platform API calls per month

4.    Efficient team management

2.    The Team Package: $135 per month

1.    5, dev.seats

2.    It allows you to build seven apps 

3.    200k platform API calls per month

4.    Efficient team management

3.    Customized Enterprise Plan: ( the price depends on the requirement)

1.    It gives you private deployment

2.    It provides you the Enterprise-grade SLAs

3.    Efficient account management

This app was developed on the platform of

4.    AppYourself:

This Berlin-based online app development company started in 2011, allowing the users to build professional Android apps. Unlike other online app makers, AppYurself enables you to make a responsive website that can be automatically synced to your app content.

The Appmaker of AppYourself

The unique features of this app building software include- e-commerce, table booking option via Open Table and Resmio, loyalty cards, photo-galleries, etc.

Presently AppYourself offers three plans-

•    Smart Plan ( 24 €)

•    Full Plan ( 49 €)

•    Enterprise ( 89 €)

5.    Andromo App Maker:

Andromo helps you to create astonishing Android apps in just a few simple steps. The best part of this Android app building platform is that it allows you to create the very first app for free of cost, but you need to sign up with Andromo. It offers flexible plans that offer yearly and monthly payment subscriptions for users. Reputed to be one of the best apps building platforms, Andromo enables real Java code

Currently, Andromo offers two plans-

1.    Starter Plan: ($8/month)

•    It allows you to create up to 50 apps

•    All activities are included

•    You can choose the ads or no ads option

•    Sell your apps on Google Play

•    You can keep the entire sales revenue

2.    Professional Plan:

•    It allows you to create unlimited apps

•    All activities are included in the package

•    Ads or no ads-it’s your call

•    Sell your apps on Google Play

•    You can keep the revenue or sales revenue

•    No Andromodo logo on About Screen

•    It allows using a custom Java Package name.