These are the best Moto Z4 cases to boost your new phone’s longevity

The Moto Z4 is Motorola’s latest flagship, but it’s a flagship with a difference. Not only does it support Motorola’s range of Moto Mods, it’s also hundreds of dollars cheaper than most flagships, being priced at just $500.

But it’s not expendable just because it’s cheaper than the Galaxy S10 or iPhone XS, and you’ll want to keep it safe from scratches, chips, and — heaven forbid — shattered glass after a drop. While your phone can never truly become invulnerable from harm, a good protective case can offer a strong barrier against damage. Here are some of the best Moto Z4 cases you can buy to reduce the chances of needing to replace your phone.

Otterbox Commuter Series Lite Case

Otterbox has long been a reliable provider of smartphone protection, and that reputation is alive and well in the Commuter Series Lite. It’s made from a hard and protective polycarbonate shell combined with a synthetic rubber slipcover that provides extra grip for your fingers. It’s the lighter and slimmer version of the Commuter Series, which means it’s perfect for everyday use, and is easy to slip into and out of a pocket or bag. It comes with Otterbox’s Certified Drop Plus Protection and a lifetime warranty. We’ve highlighted the Ocean Way Blue variant, but it also comes in black. It’s on the more expensive side where Moto Z4 cases are concerned, but it’s worth paying extra for Otterbox protection.

Yogurt Handmade Genuine Leather Wallet Case

The Moto Z4 is a flagship and as such, it deserves some luxury flagship style. Yogurt’s wallet case is handmade from 100% genuine cowhide leather, meaning it’s one of the more premium cases you can buy. The soft leather gives a natural feel, and thanks to its handmade nature, each case is completely unique. That does mean your case may have a slightly different color than the one featured above, and may even come with scars or other cosmetic wrinkles, but that’s part of the charm of a real leather case. It will age with your device, gaining a smoother, glossier appearance over time. It’s also not a bad price for a genuine leather case.

Kugi Ultra-Slim Case

Not everyone wants to slap a big and bulky case on their phone, and Kugi’s super-slim clear case is perfect if that’s you. It’s made from flexible and durable TPU, which has absorbent qualities that mean it’s good for absorbing shocks and bumps. However, since it’s thinner than most other TPU cases, you’ll get slightly less protection than you would from a thicker case. Still, it also protects well against scratches and other minor hazards, and it’s completely clear — which is perfect for when you want to show off your phone. It’s extremely cheap, too, so you won’t be breaking the bank by springing for it.

Dretal Carbon Fiber-style Rugged Case

Slim cases don’t always have to lack protective qualities, and this rugged case with carbon fiber-stylings from Dretal is a great example of that. It’s made from TPU, but it’s tougher and thicker than an ultra-slim case, and you can expect a correspondingly higher level of protection. It won’t be as protective as a more expensive case, but it’s tough enough to defend against most everyday threats. It’s slim and looks good thanks to the brushed metal finish and carbon fiber-style panels at either end, and it has raised edges to protect your screen and camera lenses against dirt and scratches. Best of all, it’s available at a bargain price.

Huness Flower Clear Case

Who says protection can’t also look good? If you want your case to provide an extra layer of style while also protecting against scratches and bumps, then check out this case from Huness. The combination of a TPU bumper and an acrylic black plate means a strong level of protection against scratches and good shock-absorption, while the clear hard back means your phone’s style shines through, enhanced by the stylish floral design. The softer TPU frame means added grip, while the case’s slim build means it’s easy to slip into a pocket. This style isn’t expensive either, making it a real steal.

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