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Home News The AT&T LG V40 is finally getting its Android 9 Pie update

The AT&T LG V40 is finally getting its Android 9 Pie update

The Pie update includes gesture navigations, new camera modes, and much more.


What you need to know

  • The AT&T LG V40 is now receiving the Android 9 Pie update.
  • New features include gesture navigations, new camera modes, dual app support, and more.
  • The security patch is still from April 2019.

AT&T users of the LG V40 can stop waiting for Android 9 Pie because the update is finally rolling out. You may remember the Verizon variant of the V40 received the update back in May, and now it’s time for users on AT&T to get their slice o’ Pie.

The new update comes with all the Pie goodies, including a new way to navigate the phone using gestures. LG has also added some new options to the camera, such as Cine Shot and the ability to jump right into YouTube Live from the camera app.

Dual App is another new feature for all you social media fans that allows you to sign into apps using two different accounts. It supports many popular apps such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype, Telegram, Snapchat, and more.

Unfortunately, even though this update is being released in June, the Pie update still only includes the April 2019 security patch. It would have been nice to see an up-to-date security patch with this release, but c’est la vie.


If the update hasn’t shown up for your V40 yet, try checking manually in the settings. Remember, since this is an OS update, it is a rather large download weighing in at 1.48GB. In other words, you might want to make sure you’re on Wi-Fi before attempting to manually download it.

LG has been slow with updates recently, and that’s putting it nicely. That’s even after opening up a fancy “Software Upgrade Center” in April of 2018, which so far has done little to accelerate the availability of software updates for its phones.

In fact, the LG G7 just received its update to Android Pie 9 last week. That puts the G7 months behind its main competiton, the Samsung Galaxy S9, even though Samsung used to be notorious for its slow updates.

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