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Replace your peephole with Ring’s latest Door View Cam for $199

Ring first announced the Door View Cam back at CES 2019, and said that it was coming later this year. Well, if you’ve been one of the many who are anxiously awaiting the product, your time has come. The Ring Door View Cam is now officially available at Amazon, Ring, and select other retailers for $199. The appeal of the Door View Cam is pretty simple; it replaces your existing peephole and doesn’t require any drilling or electrical to be run to it.

A better peep hole

Ring Door View Cam


$199 at Amazon

Easy to install

The Ring Door View Cam is now available from several retailers for $199. If you live in an apartment or have a door that currently has a peep hole, this is the best video doorbell product you can buy right now

Often times, apartments, and even homes, have doors that come with the tiny little peephole so that you can look out of it and see who’s at your door without them seeing into it. All you need to do is pop that out, and install this in its place. The battery is removable so you can quickly swap in a new one or charge it when needed, and Ring says that the whole installation and setup process should take only a few minutes to complete. It has a 1080p camera, allows you to hear and talk to those who are at your door, and even has “knock detection” which notifies you if someone knocks at your door instead of ringing the doorbell.

The Ring app allows you to customize alerts, review videos, and much more. Wondering if the Ring Door View Cam is worth buying for your apartment? If so, check out our thoughts and then grab one for yourself.