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How to follow someone on Pinterest

You’ve signed up and are ready to fall down the Pinterest rabbit hole with 250 million other users. Your first step is to follow your friends and favorite influencers so your feed is full of awesome, interesting stuff you love. There are a few ways to follow people on Pinterest. These tips will get you started on the website or on the app.

How to follow friends on Pinterest

You can follow all of your friends pretty easily using Pinterest. Type your friend’s username or their real name in the search bar. Your friend should appear in the drop-down menu. Click or tap on their name and click Follow at the top of their profile information.

How to follow pinners you love

If you see a pin you love and want to follow the account, go to the pin’s description. The account’s name will be right before the description and there will be a Follow button next to the name you can quickly tap or click. The button will turn gray and will say Following to let you know the follow was successful.

How to discover new people to follow on Pinterest

Sometimes your feed can get stale and you need some new pins to liven things up. Luckily, Pinterest has a tool that can help you find new people’s boards to follow with the same interests you have. When you’re on the website, click on the Following option at the top-right side of the screen. When you get on the Following screen, click on the icon of a person with a plus sign next to it. The site or app will then suggest new boards you may like. Just click follow next to the suggestions that look interesting.

How to unfollow a person on Pinterest

Is someone filling your feed with spam pins or pins you find annoying? Zap them out of your life by clicking or tapping on one of their pins and hitting the Following button by their name. This will unfollow the person. The button will turn red and will say Follow to let you know the unfollow was successful.

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