Are you using Android Q on your daily driver?

Android Q is already really stable this early on.


Google released the first Android Q beta back in March, and since then, we’ve had a handful of updates to make it more stable and feature-rich.

The current implementation of Android Q (Beta 4) runs smoothly and is surprisingly reliable, and as a result of this, we’re seeing a lot of AC forum members rock Android Q on their daily handset.

06-23-2019 05:49 PM

I use it as my daily driver. I prefer the new navigation system. Had to wait a bit for my banking apps to be updated to work on the beta but they are sorted now. Haven’t really had any major problems with beta. Had the odd freeze up for a few seconds but that’s about it. Haven’t found any other apps I can’t use


06-23-2019 05:52 PM

I’ve been using every android beta since the start until it goes live for all my devices since the nexus 6p. Although there are more bugs at the start it’s never enough to get me to go back to the previous version. I always rock it on my daily driver.


avatar2909240_4.gifKirstein Gourlay
06-23-2019 07:05 PM

I use it as a daily driver. It has been stable enough for me although a few apps don’t work.


06-24-2019 02:20 PM

My banking app still hasn’t been updated (small bank), and a few other “developer-type” and other specialty apps haven’t, as of Beta 2, so I went back to Pie (which gave Google some good troubleshooting – no more automatic replacement because the phone is in the bootloader, won’t get out of it, and the PC doesn’t recognize that there’s anything plugged into it). I’ll wait until release – I’m…


What about you? Are you using Android Q on your daily driver?

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