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Home News Two months on, what case is your Galaxy S10 rocking?

Two months on, what case is your Galaxy S10 rocking?

Whether you need heavy-duty protection or just a little extra grip, your S10 deserves a nice case to wear.


Finding a good case is harder than you think. We try to help by giving you our roundups of the Best Galaxy S10 cases as well as more niche roundups like best clear cases and best heavy duty cases, but there’s just no subtitute for getting a case in your hand and seeing how it handles over a couple of days. Unfortunately, by that point, it’s usually too late to return your now lightly-used case, and while we use and review as many cases as we can for you lovely folks, we can’t get to them all.

If you have more than six cases for your Galaxy S10, raise your hand. I know I’m not alone here, because several Android Central forums members have been reporting their own case testing and mini-reviews to our Best S10 cases megathread.

After two months with the phone, they’ve been singing the praises of their favorite cases, including a rugged clear case called the Nimbus9 Phantom 2 that I need to go test right now:

05-14-2019 01:06 PM

I just got the Nimbius9 Phantom 2 Clear case on Saturday and I really like this case so far.
It has nice grip to it but it’s pocketability is still good. The buttons are fantastic plus it looks great.
I haven’t dropped it yet to test it’s protection but it looks like it can handle any normal drop.


avatar2910546_3.gifHermes Hidayat
05-10-2019 11:14 AM

So after trying LifeProof Next, Spigen Tough Armor, Spigen Rugged Armor, RhinoShield SolidSuit, Ringke Fusion X and UAG Monarch. I would say for me personally the best is still UAG Monarch…


05-02-2019 01:53 PM

Nimbus9 Phantom 2 in clear is my new favorite case at the moment. Case is the same material as the Tech 21 Evo Check but with way better port protection. This case has the absolute BEST buttons so far on any S10 Plus case I’ve tried. Fantastic case that I highly recommend. Case Porn Pics below. :p


04-21-2019 01:44 AM

I like my Ringke clear on my white +. Considered the clear/blue…

I’m a little surprised with color being such a big deal on this phone that so many are using cases that don’t show the phone color. How many of you with the black case have a colored phone?


So, what case are you rocking these days? Is your case clean and clear or ruggedly handsome? I’ve been rocking an ArmadilloTek Vanguard Series myself the last two weeks and between the drop protection and the vertical kickstand, it’s been pretty nice.

Share your case pictures and experience in the forums


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