When you think of iGaming, your thoughts are probably drawn to online sports betting and virtual casino gameplay. With several US states legalizing online sports betting, players are considering a number of things; how do I find trusted online casino reviews so I won’t lose my money and what are the best casino apps to play that incorporate a social element?

Although you may be familiar with social casinos, you may be less familiar with social casino apps, however, which arguably underpin the fast growing niche in the whole of the iGaming marketplace. In fact, it’s anticipated that revenues from the global social gaming market will touch $17.4 billon by 2029, as the number of casual gamers in the U.S. and worldwide continues to increase incrementally.

Social casino gameplay is unique in that it’s focused on community interaction and the use of virtual currency, whilst its games typically feature multiple levels and high levels of competitiveness. In this post, we’ll look at three of the best social casino apps and ask why they’re so popular?

1 Caesar’s Casino

Although we’ve already produced our run down of some of the best non-casino apps, we start with Caesar’s Casino, which has been powered by Playtika and its parent company Caesar’s Interactive Entertainment (CIE).

This company has been delivering high quality and immersive social casino apps to a global base of players, with the iconic Caesar’s Casino one of its flagship platforms.

Caesar’s Casino provides the ideal stepping stone for casual players and those who are new to the fast-evolving world of iGaming, as it delivers a host of low-variance and simple games (mostly slots) that are certified and provide a healthy return-to-player (RTP).

This translates into frequent but relatively modest base game wins, whilst players can also immerse themselves in competitive tournaments that prioritise leaderboards and social interaction over monetary wins.

2 Vegas Downtown Slots

Next up is Vegas Downtown Slots, which is another Playtika vehicle and one that has managed to earn cult status amongst fans in the last few years.

This innovative, Vegas-inspired social casino is certainly one of the most exciting operators on the market, with its combination of fast-paced and low-variance slots providing a compelling proposition to players across the globe.

The focus on slots should come as no surprise to players, as this increasingly popular and immersive channel now accounts for nearly two-thirds of the gross gaming GGY online. These games certainly provide frequent wins and fun on a number of different levels, creating an environment that appeals to casual and social players.

With a lucrative VIP club and reward scheme too, this is undoubtedly one of the very best social casino platforms on the market!

3 Lucky Queen Slots

We close with Lucky Queen Slots, which is powered by Huuuge Games and part of a truly global social gaming network.

It’s certainly a platform that connects people across the world through its high quality games, which boast a distinct community element and a simplicity of gameplay that’s hard to ignore.

Games such as Samurai Slots are particularly popular, as this low-variance title features five-reels and 25 paylines that deliver free spins, frequent wins and a Super Bonus for bigger wins.

Dragon Slots is also a fun and truly immersive game, and one that combines stunning gameplay and competitiveness with the potential for big wins.

A truly exceptional social casino, Lucky Queen Slots boasts a large games’ library and one that may even appeal to more serious and seasoned gamblers in the marketplace!