Sony is renowned for its quality cameras, mobile phones, and television sets. However, the phone division has faced stiff competition from other tech giants such as Apple and Samsung in the recent past. Sony merged it with the audio, camera and TV divisions early this year. You can wager in using a Sony Android phone. Here is an insight into Sony’s mobile plans in 2019.

Mobile Profitability

Sony has created new strategies to change its current financial status in the mobile industry. The company is determined to improve its position in the vast Internet of Things (IoT) market. Hiroki Totoki, Sony’s CEO and president informed investors that the company will avoid and simplify duplications to cut down its operating expenses. It carries out most of its operations in Tokyo.

The firm will minimize its operating units to 32. Of these, 20 units will be in Japan. Also, Sony will improve its production plant by cutting down half of its variants. It will reduce its supported platforms by 60 percent. In 2015, the tech firm had a significant decrease in its Xperia Z-series shipments. However, its revenue increased by one percent. Other mobile phones had a 32 percent decrease in demand thus leading to a 22 percent sales reduction.

Japan is among the most profitable mobile phone markets Sony has. Europe has relatively low profitability despite having a large market share. The company will strengthen its product management and model mix to improve its profitability. Sony will reduce its operating channels to reduce its operating costs.

Totoki stated that currency inflation has a huge impact on Sony’s profitability. The mobile division will focus on developing new smart products that use IoT. It will establish a seed accelerator that will collaborate with So-net, a reputable Japanese internet will help Sony improve its CRM, billing and client management.

The Closure of a Primary Manufacturing Plant

Sony merged the mobile division with audio, camera and Sony TV product lines to form the Electronics Products and Solutions. Most financial analysts thought that the firm would close the mobile division due to its low performance. Sony lost more than $1 billion in smartphone sales in 2018. It intends to close its Beijing manufacturing plant

Sony is planning to pull out of Australia, Africa, Canada, India, and South America to cut down its operating costs. The tech firm will focus on its Europe, Japan, Hong Kong, and Taiwan markets. It intends to improve its current financial position by early next year. The firm has been facing financial constraints of late.