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Home Reviews Moto expands walk-in repair services with CPR: Cell Phone Repair

Moto expands walk-in repair services with CPR: Cell Phone Repair

Late last year Motorola announced that the company would start offering customers the option to use popular iFixit stores for on the spot repairs for Moto phones outside the factory warranty. Today, it expands this program to CPR: Cell Phone Repair. You can now take a broken Moto phone to any of CPR’s 500 locations across the United States.

While many retail fronts will offer to fix devices that have a busted screen, this new partnership is quite different. The parts used by CPR are officially licensed and produced directly by Motorola. You can then rest assured that the parts were indeed made specifically for your model phone.

Motorola states that giving consumers certified options to fix their phones locally is a key goal for the company and its brand. Not only will Motorola provide the OEM parts for repair, it will also provide training to CPR engineers to ensure they have hands-on training with the devices before they are set to repair them on the fly.

Executive Director of Motorola Customer Service reflected these thoughts in his statement:

“We believe that safe, quality and diverse repair options are important components of a consumer’s smartphone journey. Our collaboration with CPR Cell Phone
Repair will provide our customers a personalized, face-to-face option from a reliable repair expert.”

For those that are not familiar, CPR is one of the largest electronic repair franchises in North America. It offers repair centers in over 750 locations globally. Outside of cell phones, you can also have devices like laptops, tablets, and gaming systems repaired.

Motorola was also quick to point out that its in-house repair services are still available through its customer service website. I’ve personally had to use this service and it’s a top-notch experience that you should also explore if CPR is not available in your area.

You can see if Cell Phone Repair is a local option by navigating to https://www.cellphonerepair.com/motorola. One hopes you never have to use it, but Moto is setting a pretty high bar with iFixit and now CPR. More OEMs should take note from the veteran here.


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