Mobile security has been a major concern for most tech firms. It is essential to protect confidential data about clients. However, hackers access and alter the security systems of some established companies. Recently, Mastercard declared its intention to collaborate with Samsung to verify the digital identity of their customers. Check out to get a discount when you use Mastercard to top up your account. In this post, we discuss the partnership between Mastercard and Samsung to improve mobile security.

Mastercard and Samsung’s Business Partnership

Ajay Bhalla, Mastercard’s president of cyber and intelligence stated that the physical and digital lives are merging little by little. Therefore, it is necessary to improve the digital identity. Most people lack control over their personal data. If they use outdated systems, it might make them susceptible to hackers. Mastercard partnered with Samsung to offer a lasting solution to digital identity since millions of clients use Samsung phones daily.

Yongje Kim, the Head of Service Business Office in Samsung’s mobile division revealed in a recent interview that the firm believes that clients should have total control of their personal identity.

Why is it Necessary to Improve Digital Identity?

Many people in most parts of the world have several personal documents and passwords in an attempt to protect their money and identifying data. Some of them provide personal data to several agents thus compromising its security. In most instances, clients cannot control their identity data since most agents are not transparent.

In the future, it will be easy for people to access digital identity through smartphones. It will enable them to freely interact with other enterprises and vendors and shop online. Mastercard is committed to helping clients access their digital identity from anywhere. The company published a digital identity model that will suit most business operations. The model applies different principles including consent, data ownership, and transparency.

An ideal digital identity system offers maximum security for mobile communications and transactions. Both firms have extra efforts in digital identity to limit the amount of personal information you share with agents such as personal and payment data. Solutions such as SelfKey allow clients and firms to control their data and identity. They allow you to share data without losing their ownership.

Mastercard and Samsung’s partnership will enable clients to evaluate the digital identity capacity of their gadgets for better interactions with the digital and real worlds. It includes opening bank accounts, accessing social media and video streaming. Samsung will improve the personal identity of its smartphones.