Huawei in jeopardy — Android versions don't matter


Marton Barcza of TechAltar joins the show once again to chat with Daniel Bader and Ara Wagoner about the various ways Huawei may be doomed — and the scenarios in which they could survive as a company. Marton elaborates on his amazing YouTube video in which he makes the case that Google has made Android versions irrelevant. All that and tons more!

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Show Notes and Links:

  • Honor 20 Pro review: Gunning for the big-name flagships
  • Huawei soon losing access to Android updates, Google apps, after Trump trade ban
  • Huawei Android ban, explained: Could we see a Mate 30 without Google?
  • Losing Google support would irreparably damage Huawei’s global smartphone business
  • Huawei is working on a backup OS that natively runs Android apps
  • How valuable is Android, or any other operating system, without Google?
  • Huawei’s imminent Google ban is causing lots of its phones to be traded in
  • UK mobile network EE drops Huawei phones from its 5G launch
  • Huawei reassures Canadian carriers it can supply network equipment amidst U.S. trade ban
  • Huawei faces another huge blow as ARM cuts ties with the Chinese brand
  • Trump says ‘very dangerous’ Huawei could be part of U.S.-China trade deal
  • How Google has finally made Android versions irrelevant
  • How I arrived at the perfect Android theming setup (and how to build your own)
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