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How to use a Google Play gift card

Did you receive a Google Play gift card and have no idea how to use it or what it’s for? Basically, when you apply the card to your Google Play account it adds to your balance so you can buy music, movies and other digital content found in the Google Play Store. Applying it to your account takes less than a solid minute. Here’s how to use a Google Play gift card.

How to redeem a Google Play gift card on the app

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If you have your phone handy, open up the Google Play app and tap on the menu icon in the upper left corner. Then, tap on Redeem from the menu (it will be toward the bottom of the page). Lastly, just type in the code on the back of your gift card and tap Redeem. That’s it. The amount of money shown on the front of the card will be added to your account balance.

How to redeem a Google Play gift card online


You can also redeem your card online at the Google Play website. First, go to the Gift Card Redeem Page. Then, type in the gift card’s code found on the back of the card. Be sure to click on the Redeem button to finish. Just like through the app, the monetary amount listed on the front of the card will be added to your Google Play account balance.

How to redeem when making a purchase

Already know what you want to buy and are already at the checkout? Go to the payment method and tap the arrow next to it to open the dropdown menu. From the menu, choose the Redeem Code option. Then, just enter your code. Once you tap Redeem, the gift card will be applied to the purchase.

Card not working? Here are some fixes

If your gift card isn’t working, there are a few reasons why. First, don’t use dashes or spaces when typing in your code. If that doesn’t help, go to where the card was purchased, if you can, and see if the card was activated. All gift cards have to be activated or they can’t be used. If you can’t get to the store, try contacting Google Play’s customer service.

Also, your card must be redeemed in the same country it was purchased in. So if your friend overseas sent you a card, it’s not going to work unless they purchased one specifically for your country. The card will have the country listed on the back.

The fix is to change your country on your Google Pay account by making a new payment profile. To make the change, go to the Google Pay site, then Settings > Country and click on the Edit button (it looks like a pencil). Click on Create New Profile and follow the on-screen instructions, making sure to choose the country of your card as your country in the options. Then, redeem your gift card and just use this profile to make purchases until your card balance is used up.

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