How high a standard? [#acpodcast]


With another week of experience using the OnePlus 7 Pro under their belt, Daniel Bader and Andrew Martonik have more to say about the sub-$700 flagship. They also talk about Samsung’s intended design changes for the Galaxy Fold.

Additionally, ASUS is previewing ZenFone 6 and some wild design concepts they explored. 5G is a little more real (but still not worth buying into), and President Trump has signed an order to protect the U.S. network infrastructure from ‘foreign adversaries’.

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Show Notes and Links:

  • OnePlus 7 Pro review: The best Android phone under $700
  • Why you shouldn’t buy the cheapest OnePlus 7 Pro
  • The OnePlus 7 is a refreshed 6T for international markets at a lower price
  • Here are the two things Samsung’s doing to fix the Galaxy Fold’s problems
  • ZenFone 6 preview: ASUS reinvents itself with stock Android, 5,000mAh battery + flip camera
  • In pictures: Wacky ZenFone 6 designs left on ASUS’s cutting room floor
  • President Trump signs order to protect U.S. network infrastructure from ‘foreign adversaries’
  • Galaxy S10 5G now available at Verizon as Sprint launches LG V50, its first 5G phone
  • Just pulled 1.4 Gbps down on the S10 5G


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