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Here’s how to watch The Big Bang Theory online — including season 12

As was the case with Friends and White Collar, now The Big Bang Theory has reached its final season. As as a result, it’s attracted a ton viewers who are desperately searching for a reliable place to catch up on seasons one through eleven, before tuning into the ultimate season.

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Keen to help whenever and wherever we can, we’ve rounded up all the best places to watch The Big Bang Theory online, including season twelve. We’ve also triple-checked to ensure that the entire article is free of spoilers, so there’s no need to read with one eye closed — this is a spoiler-free zone.

How To Watch The Big Bang Theory Season 12

You’d think that tracking down the latest season of a TV show would be difficult, but in this case it’s rather simple. In fact, it’s so straightforward that you can be watching the first episode of the before the minute’s out: Just head over to CBS’ website, sign up for a CBS All Access account, then get streaming.

CBS offers a one-week free trial of CBS All Access, after which time it switches you to either a Limited Commercial or Commercial Free membership, depending on the trial you registered for — with the former, priced at $5.99 per month, delivering in-stream ads, and the latter, at $9.99 per month, not.

There are 24 episodes in the twelfth season of The Big Bang Theory. Each is half an hour long. If you averaged four episodes per day, you could cover all of them in five days, leaving a day to peruse the rest of the content on offer and subsequently cancel your subscription, without paying so much as a dime.

But What About The Other Eleven Seasons?

Tuning in to seasons one through eleven is just as painless, though you’ll likely need to fork out a few dollars for the convenience, as there are 255 episodes excluding the 24 in season twelve, and the free trial of this particular service only covers you for a month — before you have to fork out $7.99.

Netflix to the rescue.

So, how do you watch seasons one through eleven? Netflix. That’s right — the largest on-demand streaming platform on the market is home to the complete run of The Big Bang Theory, save season twelve (which will be added at a later date).

That means in order to watch from start through finish, you’ll need to begin on Netflix and switch over to CBS for the ultimate season.

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