Free-to-start mobile game Pokémon Rumble Rush is live in Australia

Pokémon Go is no longer your only high-profile way to play with the legendary creatures while on the move. Pokémon Rumble Rush has arrived on mobile gaming platforms and is offering a more intense experience compared to the focus on collecting creatures in Pokémon Go. Rumble Rush is an action-adventure that puts you in control of some favorite Pokémon while exploring uncharted islands. It not quite free-to-play like Pokémon Go, though but the developers are labeling it a free-to-start game.

While the collection isn’t the focus, it’s still a big part of Pokémon Rumble Rush. In Rumble Rush, you will fight against wild Pokémon, and some will join your squad. As you collect similar specific species, you’ll encounter stronger Pokémon of that type and regularly build up the power level of your entire collection. Once you feel like your squad is capable enough, you can take on the various islands’ boss Pokémon.

Throughout Pokémon Rumble Rush, two types of currency propel your experience forward: Power gears and summon gears. Power gears are what you use to increase your Pokémon’s stats so you can take on tougher islands and creatures. Summon gears allows your Pokémon to call in other Pokémon to help fight in tight spots.

The new action game is available on mobile platforms in Australia currently and will be rolling out into other territories over time. We don’t have access to Pokémon Rumble Rush in the U.S. yet, so we don’t have a full grasp of the game’s free-to-start format. What it typically means, though, is that progress in the game will be slowed or completely halted without spending real money on in-game items tied to quests and upgrades. With a focus on upgrading your Pokémon to take on stronger enemies and bosses, the game may slow down your access to the power gears that you use to improve your roster. Consider the initial free access a chance to see if the game is something you’d enjoy enough to spend money on it.

Pokémon Rumble Rush isn’t the only Pokémon game arriving this year, so if it doesn’t tickle your fancy, you’ve got the eighth-generation games on the way. Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield will be coming to the Nintendo Switch in late 2019.

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