There are numerous digital audios in inimitable file formats which allows you to produce and share music. Distinctive forms of encrypted digital audio depend on discrete compression procedures. On a necessary scale, the compression procedure helps in reducing the audio dependability to assure that the size of a particular bit of the music continues to be minor and manageable.

One of the most common audio file types includes WAV, MP3, WMA, OGG, FLAC, and much more. However, the most commonly used music file formats are WAV and MP3. The main difference between the two is that WAV files are comparatively larger and MP3 files are smaller in size, which makes them easier to share.

Most of the people usually wonder; “How to convert WAV to MP3?” Well, for all of those who don’t know the answer, here are 3 ways to convert your WAV files to MP3. Have a look.

Wondershare UniConverter:

The Wondershare UniConverter allows you to convert audio files from WAV to MP3 easily. The best thing about the converter is that it is supported on both Mac as well as Windows.

Here are the steps you need to follow;

•    Download and run the Wondershare UniConverter on your computer.

•    Now click the Add Files options and add all the WAV files.

•    Then click Open.

•    Now press Click all files to and select the different output formats.

•    You can now choose MP3 to convert your files from WAV to MP3.

•    You can locate the converted files in the Converted section quickly.

Converting WAV to MP3 with the help of iTunes:

This is another easy way to convert your files from WAV to MP3 with the help of iTunes. Open the WAV files on your iTunes. If you already have them there, then click on My Library. Now, right click on the WAV file and select Create MP3 version from the menu given below. This way, iTunes will automatically create the MP3 files. Easy, isn’t it?

Use the Online Conversion Tools:

One of the most convenient ways is choosing the online conversion tools available on the Internet. There are several different file conversion softwares like onlineconvertfree, online-convert, Zamzar, Convertio, and much more.

Considering, it provides several different audio file formats from which you can choose to convert your files. If you want to change your WAV to MP3, then online conversion tools can certainly help. Using these tools is quite easy. All you need to do is, choose the file you need to convert or enter the URL, choose the file format you need to convert it in, and you’re done. This method is simple, convenient, and easy to use.

These are three ways which will help you in converting your WAV files to MP3. Each one of these methods is straightforward and has advantages of its own. Moreover, these methods are guaranteed and tested to be accurate and work efficiently so make sure you use these methods to convert WAV to MP3.

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