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Home News The Incipio Aerolite case is a clumsy Galaxy S10 owner's best friend

The Incipio Aerolite case is a clumsy Galaxy S10 owner’s best friend

Great drop protection.


The Galaxy S10 has some of the best hardware you’ll find on a smartphone in 2019. Its curved AMOLED display is a thing of beauty, the sleek glass back is available in a multitude of eye-catching colors, and the overall fit-and-finish is sublime.

As great as all of that is, it also results in the phone being extremely prone to shattering/cracking in the event of a fall. There are a lot of cases out there that promise to offer protection against that, and one of the latest to hit the scene is the Incipio Aerolite.

The Aerolite certainly achieves its goal of being a case that can take a beating, but it’s also lightweight and good-looking — a great combination.

Max protection

Incipio Aerolite


$40 at Verizon (Galaxy S10)
$40 at Verizon (Galaxy S10+)

Rugged, smooth, and worth the price.

With the Aerolite, Incipio set out to create one of its most durable cases yet. There’s plenty to like about this strong and nicely-designed case that combines slickness with protection.


  • Lightweight
  • Impressive drop protection
  • Supports wireless charging
  • Good looking


  • Slippery
  • Expensive

Incipio Aerolite What I like


Considering the lightweight nature of the Incipio Aerolite, it’s impressive just how durable it actually is.

Incipio designed the Aerolite in a pretty unique way. It fused a flexible outer shell with the company’s own FortiCore material, and the end result is an original-looking case that can withstand drops and falls up to 11 feet. Shock is dispersed throughout the entire case in the event of a drop, and according to Incipio, the Aerolite does so 40% more efficiently compared to “traditional case materials.”

With the Aerolite on my Galaxy S10, I threw it on my hardwood floors multiple times from various heights, and no matter what, the S10 remained safe and sound with no signs of damage. It’s definitely not easy to throw your phone on the floor, so please send nice thoughts.

In other words, if you’re prone to dropping your phone a lot, this is a case that you can rely on to keep the S10 out of harm’s way. I also appreciate the Aerolite’s precise port cutouts and support for the Galaxy S10’s wireless charging capabilities (including Wireless PowerShare).

Available in both white and black, with clear parts, the case is great for showing off the Galaxy S10’s nicer colors, like Flamingo Pink (pictured) or Prism Blue. While most of the case is a solid color, there are translucent areas around the volume and power buttons, as well as the bottom ports and cameras, that let the phone’s original beauty shine through.

Incipio Aerolite What I don’t like


There are a few things about the Aerolite that I don’t love, but nothing that undermines my recommendation. For starters, the back is made of a smooth TPU material, which is a bit slippery.

The button covers are also a bit small, making it occasionally difficult to hit the power or volume buttons — you have to be very precise, which can lead to you needing to press it more than once. I got used to the placement very quickly, and you likely will, too, but it’s worth pointing out.

Incipio Aerolite Should you buy it?


The idea of the Incipio Aerolite is great. It’s a case that wants to offer maximum protection for the Galaxy S10 without adding too much bulk or heft. The good news is that the Aerolite delivers, and there’s plenty to like about this case even if you’re not looking for something explicitly heavy duty. Incipio has managed to balance the difficult task of producing a drop test-approved case that’s also great to use and easy on the eyes.

out of 5

As long as you’re willing to spend Incipio’s asking price of $40, which promises an excellent user experience and plenty of protection, you’ll be happy with the Aerolite case for your Galaxy S10 or S10+.

Max protection

Incipio Aerolite


$40 at Verizon (Galaxy S10)
$40 at Verizon (Galaxy S10+)

Rugged, smooth, and pricey.

With the Aerolite, Incipio set out to create one of its most durable cases yet. It not only succeeds in that regard, but a great design adds to the appeal for this $40 product.


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