How to use an Amazon Echo as a Bluetooth speaker with your Android phone

Your Amazon Echo isn’t just an effective smart assistant capable of managing your smart home. The Echo family of devices are also capable Bluetooth speakers for those of us that store their music on their Android smartphones. Don’t know how to set this up? Let us show you how to take advantage of this awesome feature on your Amazon Echo device.

How to link your Android phone to your Amazon Echo via Bluetooth

I used a Samsung Galaxy S9 running Android 9 (Pie) with Samsung One UI for this guide. Depending on the operating system, user interface and device model you’re using, things may look a little different. That being said, the setup should be similar across the board.

On your Android Device, swipe down from the top of your screen to open your notifications drawer.
Tap the cog icon in the upper right corner of your screen to access your settings menu.

  • You can also open your app drawer and tap the Settings icon as a substitute for step 1 and 2.

In the settings menu, tap Connections.

Tap Bluetooth.
Say Alexa (or your set wake word), pair.
Find and select your Echo device in the list of Available devices. It will be formatted as Echo-XXX or Echo (Dot/Plus/Show/Spot)-XXX.

Now your Echo Show and your Android smartphone will be connected to each other via Bluetooth.

After setting up your Bluetooth connection on your Amazon Echo, you can play your locally stored music and other audio files on your Echo device the same as a regular Bluetooth speaker.

Additional accessories

Here are some additional items that you can use to maximize the usage of your Android smartphone being connected to your Echo speaker.

SanDisk Extreme microSD Card


$28 at Amazon

Even though the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S10 have a lot of onboard storage, having extra space isn’t a bad thing. The SanDisk Extreme line supports read speeds of up to 160MB/s for fast file transfers of high-res photos and 4K UHD videos, as well as up to 90MB/s write speeds for shooting UHD video on your device. It’s also good for locally hosting your music files if you’re not one to stream music.

Anker 10W Wireless Charging Stand


$20 at Amazon

When playing music on your phone, it can drain the battery quite a bit. The Anker 10W Wireless Charging Stand supports 10W Fast Charging on Samsung devices with a separately supplied Fast Charging AC adapter, and can keep your phone topped up during those long listening sessions.

TP-Link AC1750 Smart WiFi Router


$57 at Amazon

This is one of the few routers that has Alexa support for turning your guest network on and off, which is a great way to keep access to your home network as secure as possible.

Amazon Smart Plug


$25 at Amazon

Adding voice control to any outlet is an inexpensive way to make your dumb product smart, and the Amazon Smart Plug is the best way to kickstart your smart home experience.