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Akaso EK7000 Pro review

Cameras are everywhere. They’ve gotten smaller and better with time and we routinely have them out as part of our social life. Hell, they’re in our phones now to the tune of two, three, or four at a time.

Pictures of cats and plants is nice and all, but there are people who have a more active lifestyle that calls for more than just a photo. Action cameras, on the other hand, are what we want when we’re out and about. And no, they’re not just for skateboarding and snowboarding types any longer.

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A lot of social media types, bloggers, and influencers love using action cameras. Why? Because they’re really flexible. While that space tends to be GoPro’s to lose, we’ve seen a steady rise of other brands nipping at its heels. The AKASO EK7000 Pro, for instance, scratches enough of the GoPro Hero itch to satisfy a large segment of users — and it’s much cheaper.

Available for just $75, the camera comes with a whole array of accessories, including a waterproof case, remote, bicycle stand, tethers, clips, and mounts. It’s a terrific starter kit for aspiring vloggers and active types and it won’t break the bank. Bbuilt for the rough and tumble crowd, it can even take a swim up to 130 feet. Just don’t forget to secure it in the waterproof shell.

We liked the camera for what it is and not what it pretends to be. While there’s something to be said about getting what you pay for, this is a great stepping off point for a lot of people.

If you’ve never tried an action camera, there’s no reason to dive into the full, and costly, experience that comes with the GoPro line. There are enough settings in the camera to satisfy most, and the number of accessories that come with it make it easy to hop from one environment to another. We appreciate not having to assemble and disassemble clamps and clips every time we go to use the Akaso.

The Akaso EK7000 Pro features Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) that can capture high-resolution photos. It supports video resolutions in 4K (25fps), 2.7K (30 fps), 1080P (60fps), and 720P (120 fps) and users can change the camera to super wide angle, wide angle, medium angle, or narrow. $75 at Amazon


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